Simon Noakes, Glenelg, 5045

Simon Noakes

Sales Consultant

Harris Real Estate, Glenelg, 5045

Harris Real Estate

115-123 Jetty Road, Glenelg
South Australia 5045
Agency overview

After more than a decade working in the real estate industry I saw the need for a fresh and progressive approach to the South Australian property market. I also saw the necessity for an agency to stand out from the rest of the crowd that could redefine South Australian real estate as we know it. From this Harris Real Estate was born.

Harris Real Estate has grown from a one man operation to an organisation of 75 staff members over 4 offices, half a billion in residential property sales a large property management porfolio with many industry awards for both the sales and property management team. In fact the organisation has been quoted as being ‘The fastest growing real estate agency in Australia.’

The award winning team at Harris Real Estate includes some of South Australia’s most recognisable real estate consultants who are continually striving for excellence and raising the bar on the South Australian real estate industry.

Building a passionate, innovative and people orientated organisation while also providing a strong platform for real estate practitioners to excel in is crucial to the ongoing success of Harris Real Estate. At Harris Real Estate our philosophy is simple, ‘we tell you what you need to know, even when it is not what you may want to hear.’ It is guiding principals such as this that ensure Harris Real Estate continues to make such a significant impact on the South Australian real estate market.

Understanding that every transaction is different, the Harris Real Estate team is continually developing new and innovative methods, technology and management systems to ensure the best possible result are achieved for all our clients. While Harris Real Estate is very much a results driven agency, these results do not come at the cost of honesty, integrity and exceptional service and customer care. I am extremely proud of what we have created at Harris Real Estate and our results are there for everybody to see. I look forward to developing new ways to shape the industry of the future and delivering amazing outcomes for all those that choose to use Harris Real Estate as their agency of choice.

Marketing Plan

Property is selling. When property is priced accurately to attract interest from a number of purchasers, competition for the property is created, and when the property is marketed properly, premium prices are being achieved.

At no time in the past few years has it been more critical to market a property with real purpose. In the past the most basic marketing campaign with no clear strategy achieved sales, and sometimes extraordinary results. This is no longer the case. In the current market, property is highly competitive and is essential to be up in lights and of the highest of quality no matter what price bracket your property falls in.

Depending on the property it will depend whether Auction or For Sale is the right method. Ultimately our strategy is based around getting multiple buyers to your property that are emotionally connected in a competitive environment, from here we can achieve a premium result. Getting to this point all starts with using an agent that will recommend the right marketing solution for you not just to win your business.

A real estate agents role in your property transaction is critical to your final sale price and the advice you receive can impact this up to 10%.

When entrusting an agent to market your property for sale, ensuring they have a thorough understanding of how marketing activities will influence engagement and how different market places and segments react will ultimately translate to the number of parties coming through your open homes.

2015 has brought with it an even greater emphasis on digital communication and online marketing. The way we once bought and sold real estate is all but gone so the advice you are receiving needs to be in line with this change.

As a qualified marketer and visual communications specialist I ensure every one of my clients properties goes through a rigorous market analysis that flushes out our target market and the best method of engagement.

Providing the correct marketing solution will often mean extracting that one right buyer that pays above market value, so making sure your real estate agent understands essential marketing principles is crucial.

The recommendations we provide clients with are based on factual information, case studies and in depth knowledge of what will create the maximum engagement and interest in your property without you having to spend unnecessary dollars.

I look forward to discussing this in more detail and developing a marketing strategy and solution for your home when we meet.

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