Sophie Shaw, Werribee, 3030

Sophie Shaw

Senior Property Manager

Hocking Stuart Werribee, Werribee, 3030

Hocking Stuart Werribee

34 Station Street, Werribee, Victoria 3030
Agency Overview
Situated at 34 Station Place in a building with a slick modern LCD window display, hockingstuart Werribee is in a position to attract anyone with an interest in western suburbs property. The staff are experienced, professional, customer focused, and equipped to manage any client's real estate needs.)
Marketing Plan
Exclusive Premier Online Advertising will be provided, which your property will always remain on top of the advertising throughout the marketing campaign on all the real estate websites (9).
Your hockingstuart property board is a powerful advertising tool. You will be provided with a ‘for lease’ stock board. Our brand is instantly recognisable.
We conduct mid-week, weekend, private and twilight open for inspections to potential tenants aiming to secure your property to quality tenants.)

Hi Eric,

Hope all is well with you, mate.

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I met Sophie for the first time today at the 3 monthly inspections on both properties. I have to say I found her right on-the-ball, and here’s why…

• she confirmed the appointment with me early this morning
• was at the properties 5 minutes early
• was very thorough in her inspecting
• was professional and direct with the tenants (especially if she thought something was not quite right)

Her actions and approach confirmed how she portrayed herself over the phone. To use a well-worn phrase, she “walked the talk” – she wasn’t a phony.

This is how I like to conduct business and maintain a professional relationship and I would have to think your other landlords would agree. Well done for placing her in the role - I think she will do very good things.


James Pisano / Hoppers Crossing

Dear Sophie,

firstly, thanks so much for doing such a fantastic job as usual. You're a legend - and Gowri and I truly appreciate the care and commitment. And yes...we did receive the rent.

Without a doubt, you are the best (efficient - and, by far, the nicest!) property manager we have ever been blessed with over the past 15 years, so...thanks again.

Subject to your discretion, it would be great if the rents could be increased by the $10 -$15 per week (I suppose $10 if the tenant is having financial difficulties but...I'm happy for you to make the call). It'll certainly help make our cashflow situation a little better.

With respect to the doors, please tell Andre that he can get someone to have a look and fix accordingly.

Westwood hasn't been the most proactive, I must say, and I have considered switching but...may have to hold on at present until the VCAT issue is finalised. However, I most probably will give it over to you once the situation is resolved. Act

Wilhelm Ephraums / Hoppers Crossing/Werribee


OMG. I cannot put my face back together with the big smile you have brought along today. Thank you so much.

On a serious note, very well done to the team at Hocking Stuart.

We are very happy with the relationship and service we get from you Sophie and everyone else that collaborates/assist you in looking after our investments.

I fix complex customer service ‘train wrecks’ for a living, and our experience of your service, I rate as 1st class, A+.

Great outcome.

Joseph Spiteri

Joe Spiteri / Point Cook
Office Location