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Belle Property

208 Tooronga Road, Glen Iris
Victoria 3146
Agency overview

Awarded for our boutique approach to real estate, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients tap into an extensive network that takes a unified approach to real estate. As a full-service agency catering to premium and middle markets in select lifestyle locations, Belle Property Australasia sells simple studios and multi-million dollar homes with the same commitment, professionalism and attention to detail.

Founded in 2000, Belle Property was a real estate company predominantly focused on project marketing with six offices only. After seven years in operation, Belle Property re-launched in 2007 with a revised franchise model under the new ownership of CEO, Peter Hanscomb. The company is continually growing with over 80 offices operating across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Through strategic partnerships and joint ventures – Bauer Media interiors publication, Belle magazine and Belle Property International – Belle Property is continually expanding its suite of services to deliver a boutique experience with a distinct point of difference.

Marketing Plan

There are several ways to sell property: sale by tender, expressions of interest, sale by set date, sale by public auction and sale by private treaty (private sale).

The method of sale for your property is ultimately your choice. When weighing-up the pros and cons there are a couple of key factors to consider:

› What is the most common (popular) method of sale in your area?
› Which method is likely to provide the highest price?
› Which method is your agent recommending and why?

Sale by auction is the most common method in Melbourne. In fact property auctions are part of Melbourne’s unique character. The process typically takes about four weeks. The ?rst three weeks are utilised to build a groundswell of interest through the marketing campaign, culminating in the auction at the end of the fourth week.
By the time of the auction we will have shown all interested buyers through your property at scheduled open-house inspections, spoken with each and established their level of interest, and prepared the way for a highly competitive auction. You may be offered a price to sell before the auction, in which case we will discuss with you the merits of the offers as they arise.

The real benefit of an auction is its capacity to focus buyers’ energy on a single point in time, when they are single-minded in their ambition to buy. The public forum of an auction also tends to pit bid against bid, encouraged by emotion and competitive spirit, leading to higher prices.

Private Sale
Sale by Private Treaty (private sale) applies the same systems involved in the auction process without the focal point of the auction itself. We still run a marketing campaign to make as many buyers as possible aware of your property, and we still carry out scheduled inspections to show buyers through your property.

However unlike an auction, the price is set: buyers know exactly how much they will have to pay for the property. This requires that you settle on just the right price. Too low, and you will potentially miss out on thousands of dollars: too high and you will deter buyers.


From the time my wife Tracey & I engaged Nicholas & his team at Hocking Stuart Glen Iris, they have been nothing but helpful, attentive to detail & caring but best of all everything they said they would do, they did & to the very best levels. Sure we got a great price for our property, but that was just part of the process. Once last thing, the actual auction was as good as I have ever attended. We can only say good things about Nicholas Goold, Steve Burke & the team at Hockingstuart Glen Iris .

—Craig & Tracey Richardson / Darling Rd, Glen Iris

Everything about Nicholas Goold was solidly professional. He was perceptive and receptive, of consistent demeanour, quick, informed, neither of too few or too many words and all appropriate. He was energetic and committed and available, grounded and matter of fact through out our transaction. He was efficient and effective at the auction and prepared for the engagement with the two bidders he had confirmed in the week before auction.

—Tevor & Michelle Fuller / Barina Rd, Glen Iris

Nick was always very pleasant to deal with and honest with the feedback regarding our apartment we were selling. We have two children under three, so it was often difficult to have a conversation on the phone with Nick without interruptions! He was always understanding and also made the effort of meeting me at a cafe close to my home to discuss the auction process. We were very lucky to sell the day prior to our auction. Again, Nick came to our home at 5.15pm on a Friday night to allow me to sign the relevant papers. I highly recommend Nick as an agent who will do his utmost to ensure you get the best result!

—Nikki Pletcher / High St, Glen Iris
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