Sue Holt, Chermside, 4032

Sue Holt


Half Price Property Management, Chermside, 4032

Half Price Property Management

PO Box 481, Chermside, Queensland 4032
Agency Overview
My Agency is called Half Price Property Management. We came up with that name as we needed to have a point of difference and our point of difference is that we offer a discounted commission for the first twelve (12) months of the Management. That gives the Landlord a financial incentive to bring their property across to me. I believe in giving premium Customer Service at all times to both the Landlord and the tenant. I know that one of the main things that Landlords dislike is having a procession of Property Managers looking after their property and having to explain the current situation to a new Property Manager. Landlords won't have that problem with me as they will always speak to me as I'm the one managing their property and always will be.
Marketing Plan
Advertise the property on Real (for a fee) plus three (3) websites. Erect a sign (with owner approval).

Sue Holt from Half Price Property Management has been managing my Brisbane residential rental property for over four (4) years. Over this period I've always had the peace of mind knowing that Sue takes a pro-active approach with Property Management and rapidly responds to issues.

Whatever the challenge Sue has always been available and acts in a timely manner. This often results in rectifying problems before they grow into larger issues.

I would highly recommend Half Price Property Management services.

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