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Square Feet Commercial, Campbellfield, 3062

Square Feet Commercial

52 Freight Drive, Campbellfield, Victoria 3062
Agency Overview
When you need someone to manage your commercial property, you want someone who really knows what they’re doing.

We think it’s important for commercial property consultants to specialize in commercial property. That’s why Square Feet Commercial only works with commercial properties. Nothing else.

We also think it’s important to let you know if our expertise isn’t a good fit for you. It’s only right.

By doing what we do well, we maximise the return on your property.

Square Feet Commercial is a new company with an experienced team. Our founder has collected a team of commercial property consultants that understand our market and are skilled at ensuring your property returns market income. We specialize in difficult situations—such as working with a tenant who is behind on payments. We have an extremely high success rate of turning these situations around.

Square Feet Commercial operates on three guiding principles:

1. We believe in fairness. Treating people fairly and with respect is not only right, it yields better results for everyone. A huge component of fairness is honesty and open communication.

2. We believe relationships are important. We create and manage relationships, not just property. We treat tenants and landlords with respect and expect that from everyone.

3. We believe a mix of skills benefits everyone. We live and work in a diverse community. Our team comes from mixed professional and personal backgrounds. This diverse knowledge of business and relationships helps us better help you.

Call or drop by today—we’re always ready to talk with someone who may need our special brand of expertise.
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