Yaron Foghel, Double Bay, 2028

Yaron Foghel

Sales Manager

JT Allen Real Estate, Double Bay, 2028

JT Allen Real Estate

481a New South Head Road, Double Bay
New South Wales 2028
Agency overview

There are a variety of factors which are likely to impact upon the sale of your property. We are in unique times and unique times require a special approach. Why? What has changed?
Buyers will remain excited about buying but will be held back by the current process and securing funds. Banks have a new responsible lending policy that requires purchasers to provide more personal information relating facts and figures. This process alone has led to an impact on how a property sells and time on market. Now more than ever properties need a high level of expertise.
Relationship selling is a very strong trend. The more refined databases that have been created over a period of years are coming to the forefront. Buyer matching and having a personal connection with vendors and purchasers is proving to be where most sales are being made. In the current market conditions, buyers need to be given confidence and sold the dream. It is an agent’s responsibility to neutralize negative media reporting. The market changes continually but the best news about the current times is that it allows both buyers and sellers to trade up/down or across without feeling prices will run away from them. We are in tune with current prices as our office sells across a broad spectrum, allowing us to provide our clients with an up to the minute heartbeat of the real estate market at a moment’s notice. We are a boutique office so we provide a special service second to none.

Marketing Plan

We are extremely fastidious about communicating with our clients and you can be assured that you will be kept up to date at all times throughout the program. Our policy is to contact our vendors the day of each open for inspection with a brief update and during the course of each week, we provide a written summary of feedback from prospective buyers.

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