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Do I Need to Use a Local Conveyancor?

As you start your search for a qualified conveyancer to help you complete your real estate transaction, you may be wondering if you need to choose someone local. Ideally, you would choose a conveyancer or solicitor who is located within the same state or territory as the property in question. Conveyancing laws and requirements differ between states and territories, so a local conveyancer will be more knowledgeable of the local legislation.

If you choose a conveyancer or solicitor who lives outside of your state or territory, they may not have as much experience with the local legislation. This would be like working with a real estate agent who is unfamiliar with your neighbourhood. They wouldn’t have as much experience or information about your local demographic as an agent who was local. You can compare agent locations and qualifications at LocalAgentFinder, for free. This no-obligation service can be helpful when the time comes to sell a property using a qualified local agent.

How Local Should a Conveyancer Be?

When you choose a local conveyancer or solicitor, you don’t have to keep it in the neighbourhood like you might wish to do with a real estate agent, however. Many people choose to use conveyancers or solicitors from a different suburb or even city. This could be due to working with them before or using a friend’s referral. It’s a good idea to choose a professional from the applicable state or territory so that they know the right conveyancing practices, but this can cover a fair bit of ground. For example, if you were purchasing a property in Geelong you could still use the services of a conveyancer or solicitor from Melbourne. This is because the same rules and regulations would apply for the full state of Victoria, regardless of suburb. This gives a bit of leeway when it comes to choosing a conveyancer or solicitor.

Working with Conveyancers at a Distance

For practical reasons, it can be useful to hire a conveyancer or solicitor who is close by. This makes it easy to arrange personal meetings with them should you need to sign documents or turn in the appropriate cheques to complete a transaction. Yet today’s technology also makes it easy to do this at a distance, eliminating the need for visits to your conveyancer’s or solicitor’s office in some cases. You can complete many transactions without ever meeting your conveyancer or solicitor, using online conveyancing. Documents can be sent via surface mail or express post, as well as email and facsimile.

Many consumers take their smartphones or tablets everywhere with them, allowing them to access email from any location. This makes communication with a conveyancer or solicitor instant, no matter how far away they are physically located. For those who are purchasing property in a different state, this can be extremely useful. They can use an interstate solicitor or conveyancer who is up to date with all of their state’s regulations, without the need to travel that distance simply to sign the relevant documents.

What’s next?

Location is one factor to consider whether you are choosing a conveyancer, solicitor, or real estate agent to help you complete your transaction. Yet it’s just one factor among many to think about. As you start your search for a real estate agent to sell your home, you will want to compare a variety of options. You can compare local agent fees and services upfront at LocalAgentFinder, for free, to help you make the right decision. Comparing conveyancers or solicitors online is also a good way to find the right fit.

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