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Preparing to Sell Your House

Preparing to sell your house

Selling your house is one of the most important transactions you’re likely to make. As a result, it’s worth taking a little bit of preparatory time and effort into readying your property. You’ll want to maximise your final sale, ensuring that you sell your home in the shortest time span for the highest amount of money. Generally, the homes that fit this profile are those whose owners have put the right level of marketing effort into the sale. This preparatory work can require one or two weeks of your time as well as some careful planning and determination.

You’ll also want to have a qualified real estate agent on your side as you prepare to sell your house. A licensed agent will have the specialist knowledge required to maximise your profits and sell your home quickly. You can get started with this by registering now at LocalAgentFinder. This service is 100% free and allows you to compare real estate agents in your local area. With this information in hand, you can choose the individual who’s right for the job.

The following steps will help you transform your old house into the dream house for a lucky buyer.

Let go.

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your property, it’s time to commit to this and say goodbye. One of the biggest mistakes that a home seller can make is refusing to detach emotionally from the property. Thinking of it as a product to sell rather than your home can help you make the right marketing decisions with the help of your agent.

De-personalise the house.

In order for your house to stand out on its own merits, you’ll need to remove yourself from it. Start doing away with clutter that marks it as your property by clearing away books, children’s toys, and family photos. This will help prepare the home for inspections, when buyers will want to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. With your family’s items cleared away, they can start thinking about how to best arrange their own personal items in the space.

Clear away clutter.

In addition to removing personal items, it’s also time to start clearing other areas of the home that could do with a good cleaning. This could include drawers, floors, and counter-tops. With less clutter clouding their view, buyers will perceive the property as being light and spacious. Clutter can lead to even a good sized home feeling claustrophobic. Pay special attention to storage spaces, because buyers will be bound to sneak a peek in your wardrobes and cupboards as they inspect the house.

Take stock of furniture.

It’s easy to pile up the furnishings when you live in a home for several years. Like clutter in your cupboards, an abundance of furniture can also make your house seem claustrophobic. When preparing your house for sale, it’s worth removing some furniture to make the house seem larger. Your real estate agent can help you decide what to keep and what to put into storage. Compare agent qualifications at LocalAgentFinder to find a licensed professional to help you stage your home. Rather than selling a vacant house, you’ll want to leave a few items of furniture to show off each room to its full potential.

Clear away features that are not for sale.

When a buyer walks through the home, they will be taking note of each and every feature that they see. Be sure to remove any features that you aren’t offering for sale. This could include curtains, lighting fixtures, or appliances that you plan on taking with you when you move. This will help avoid the situation of buyers being attracted to brand new stainless steel appliances only to find that they are not part of the package.

Take care of any maintenance and repairs before putting property on the market.

Overlooked maintenance issues can be taken as a sign of neglect by buyers. There are many small, inexpensive repairs that you could take care of quickly before you start selling your house. These could include the following:

  • Oiling creaky doors
  • Maintaining light fixtures, including replacing old bulbs
  • Repairing leaky taps
  • Replacing chipped or cracked tiles
  • Patching up holes in the wall
  • Painting over old walls or marks
  • Painting your home is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up your property. If you choose to do so, it’s worth painting in light, neutral colours which will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Light colours also can make rooms look larger and brighter.

Clean the property thoroughly.

Tidying away clutter and fixing minor flaws can go a long way towards making your house more marketable. Yet if you don’t clean mould from the shower or grease from your range top, you’ll turn off buyers in a big way. Cleaning your house from top to bottom is essential when you are preparing it for sale. Pay attention to small tasks like polishing mirrors or chrome fittings, as well as larger jobs like mopping tiles and washing windows. This extra effort will be noticed by buyers, who may be willing to overlook other downsides to the home if they believe it has been well cared-for.

Look at the home’s exterior.

Although cleaning and repairing the interior of your home is important, the exterior is where your property will make its important first impression. The garage, back yard, driveway, and front yard should all be neat and tidy. Get rid of excess clutter and scrub oil stains off the driveway. Prune your flowers and trim your hedges for a neat and tidy garden. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your roof is sound and that there is no muck in the gutters. This extra bit of effort adds to your home’s curb appeal.

Double-check your hard work.

Finally, you’ll want to go over all of your work one more time to ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Walk through the house as if you were a buyer, assessing whether or not the property looks comfortable and inviting. Try to remove yourself from thinking about the property as your own home, and instead think about whether it shows the right level of potential to be someone else’s home. If not, you may have to go back and make some more improvements. Throw open the windows to air out the property and flood it with light, and you’ll be ready to make a sale!

What’s next?

You’ll also need a good real estate agent to help market your property and follow up with sales leads. Start comparing agents at LocalAgentFinder. Find out how it works and start preparing your house for a profitable and speedy sale.

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