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You’ll find no shortage of highly qualified property agents in Australia. In fact, we’re totally spoilt for choice.  This can complicate matters when the times to buy, sell, or rent a house, because you will want to choose the right property agent for the job. Ideally, property owners want to find agents who make them feel comfortable yet also know the industry forwards and backwards to get successful results when it comes time to make a sale.

A good agent will have the skills, experience, and knowledge of your local real estate market to help you maximise your profits and sell your home in a timely manner. You can get started with the process of finding the right agent by comparing your options using the free service provided at LocalAgentFinder. Register now to gain access to proposals from Australia’s most qualified agents, allowing you to compare and select the agent of your choice. The following are a few factors to think about when you are comparing potential property agents.

Sales History and Experience

As you start to collect proposals and compare qualifications of different property agents in your area, you’ll want to look at their past and current sales. The right real estate agent will have experience not only in the general real estate market, but will also have a strong working knowledge of your local region. If they know the area well, they will be able to compare your home effectively to other properties in the region to help you choose a realistic yet competitive starting price. They will also know the local amenities and neighbourhood features that could help sell your home to potential buyers. For example, if they know about the public transportation links and schools in the area, they will be better equipped to answer buyer questions about the area during inspections or general queries.

You can ask to see the prospective agent’s current listings, which may be available online. If they have a variety of other houses for sale in your area, this could be a good indicator of success. In addition to current listings, you will also want to choose an agent who specialises in houses that are similar to yours. Find out if they have sold houses similar to yours in the past, and what the starting and final sales prices of those homes were. An agent who has successfully sold similar homes will know exactly how to handle your property.


As you narrow down your potential list of property agents using the free comparison tool provided at LocalAgentFinder, you’ll need to go a little deeper into examining the agents’ past histories. Ask for references from past clients, and follow up on these. If you simply ask for general references, bear in mind that the agent will most likely give you a curated list of satisfied customers. You can get a better idea of how well the agent has performed by asking for contact information for their most recent clients, corresponding to sales in the past six months. Call or email these clients to find out if they were satisfied with the agent’s performance and whether they would use them again.

Marketing Plan

The right property agent will be able to create a thoughtful, personalised marketing strategy to sell your house. Beware of agents who use a cookie-cutter approach to all of their sales, because they may not highlight the best aspects of your home. Because most consumers today use the internet at some point during their search for property, you’ll want to choose a property agent who is comfortable with both old and new forms of technology.

Find out which channels they make use of during advertising and marketing. The most effective approach usually involves a combination of online advertising, social media marketing, flyers, printouts, and news or magazine ads. In addition to using multiple forms of media, the agent should have a consistent follow-up plan in place to check in with potential buyers. They will be willing to go the extra mile to land your sale.

Commission and Fees

Property agent commissions can vary quite a bit, so this is another factor to consider when you are looking for the right fit. Agents who offer bargain basement rates may make up for this by not putting all of their time and energy into the sale, so be sure to look at other facts aside from the commission. In addition to commission rates, look at marketing costs and other fees. Obtaining a breakdown of all of these fees will help you figure out how and where the property agent will fit into your budget.

Because selling a home is a major undertaking, you’ll need to make sure that you examine your options from all angles before signing an authority. The right agent will be familiar with your neighbourhood, and will have a successful track record of selling homes similar to your own. This specialised experience will put them in the ideal place to sell your home at the maximum net profit, in the shortest span of time. With a sound marketing strategy in place and a professional network of buyers and other agents, they will have the connections and the business savvy to help you succeed.

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