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Can I Just Use My Local Solicitor to Do the Conveyancing?


If you have a local solicitor who you have worked with in the past, you may wish to simply hire them again for help with conveyancing. There is no harm in using a local solicitor to perform a conveyancing transaction for you. However, this tends to work best if the property you are purchasing or selling is in the same State or Territory as your local conveyancer or solicitor. If you are moving or selling property interstate, then the conveyancing regulations and practices may be different. Your local solicitor may be unfamiliar with the conveyancing rules of the different State or Territory, as it falls outside of their field of expertise.

This is similar to using a real estate agent who resides in a different region than where you are buying or selling property. Although they may know the basic principles of selling property, they won’t have the specialty knowledge of your region that a local agent would have. Location is just one aspect to think about when choosing a solicitor or real estate agent, however. You can compare your options by registering now at LocalAgentFinder, if you are in need of a qualified local real estate agent.

Comparing Conveyancing Options

It’s worth shopping around to find out what other conveyancers or solicitors may have to offer. Before you resign yourself to using the local solicitor, take some time to telephone a few conveyancers or law firms to find out more about their qualifications. You’ll want to compare factors such as experience and cost.

Many individuals in need of a conveyancer or solicitor also turn to the internet for more information. Online conveyancing can be a reliable way to undertake the conveyancing process, and it can also be quite cost effective. One of the benefits of comparing your options online or over the phone is that you can get a better idea of what other solicitors or conveyancers charge. This gives you some basis for comparing the local solicitor’s fees, so that you know whether or not you’re getting a good deal. Although it may be more convenient to simply use the local solicitor, if they charge an arm and a leg compared to rival solicitors located a bit further away, you may wish to travel a bit for a discount.

Online Conveyancing

Another issue that could make it a good idea to look elsewhere for your solicitor is if your local solicitor is already representing the other buyer or seller. If you reside in a small town, there may be only one solicitor in town and they will usually not agree to act for both parties. Representing both parties in a real estate transaction can be a conflict of interest, and many conveyancers or solicitors will refuse to do this. In this case, you would need to find a different conveyancer or solicitor.

You could decide to use a solicitor in the nearest town, or use this time to find an online solicitor or conveyancer to represent your needs.  Technology such as facsimiles and email makes it easy to work with a conveyancer or solicitor who is located at a distance, without ever needing to physically visit their office.

Comparing all of your options can help you find a good deal on your conveyancing service. It’s also a good idea to shop around when you are searching for a real estate agent. At LocalAgentFinder, there are over 9,000 agents registered to choose from. Register your details to compare your options using the free, no-obligation online dashboard.

Rebecca Martindale
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Rebecca writes across all aspects of real estate, with a specific focus on helping homeowners understand their property market, and empowering them to make smart and informed decisions when selling or renting their property. Offering valuable insights on a variety of areas, Rebecca aims to provide homeowners with a fuller picture of the real estate industry.

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