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The LAF team is proud to be #57 fastest growing company in Australia

The LAF team is proud to be #57 fastest growing company in Australia.

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I would like to say – I received an excellent and extremely professional response from the agents that responded through LocalAgentFinder, and would like to thank you for offering such a great service!

T Johnston - QLD

I found LocalAgentFinder an excellent way to have agents contact me. I had agents contact and appraise my home and I was extremely happy with my choice of agent. Using this service meant that I didn't have to do the legwork, they came to me!

Rhonda Bell - Dingley Village, VIC

This is so easy to use and best of all, it's FREE and saved me A LOT OF TIME. I advertised my unit and had 4 agents respond within 6 hours. You don't have to contact all of them, just the ones you feel most comfortable with and offer you the best packages. I would highly recommend this website to anyone who is looking to change property management and doesn't know where to start. You have nothing to lose!

Sally Christianson - Guildford, NSW

If it wasn't for your website, I would not have heard of the agent I chose. It gave me the opportunity to compare rates and commissions and then choose to meet with whom I wished. I found it very useful and thank you.

Val Zogopoulos - Adelaide, SA

I found the LocalAgentFinder online process easy to navigate and register. It took the headache out of trying to contact each real estate agency individually. The overview allowed me to concentrate on what I was looking for and what questions to ask. There are just so many real estate agents out there, so getting a starting direction was excellent!

Jennifer Budd - Thornleigh, NSW

I think this site is a great idea, when I decided to rent out my property I had no idea where to go, where to begin or what I was doing so it was exactly what I needed. Agents responded quickly, and I was spoilt for choice!

Sue Mckeough - Ryde, NSW

100% Free, No Obligation Quotes

Agents provide background on themselves and their business approach. LocalAgentFinder presents agents quotes in an identical format for easy comparison, and you'll start receiving them almost immediately after you register your property. You'll have all your agents quotes to review within 2 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does LocalAgentFinder help?

    LocalAgentFinder helps you dig deeper to find the agent that's right for you. Requesting quotes from a wide range of local agents lets you learn important information upfront that agents might not otherwise share with you. Get the full picture with LocalAgentFinder, and get informed to sell your home, smarter.

  • How is LocalAgentFinder free?

    LocalAgentFinder is 100% free to you. There're no hidden catches, and you're under no obligation to select any agents that respond to your quote request. If you do successfully sell or rent with an agent through LocalAgentFinder, the agent pays an industry standard service fee, which is identical for every agent to maintain our impartiality, and your best interests.

  • How is my privacy protected?

    When you request agent quotes through LocalAgentFinder, agents can't see any personal information about you or your property. Once you receive agent quotes, you choose which ones to view; only these agents will receive basic contact details so they can follow-up their proposal with tailored information via email. You are in control of what you share, and can keep your phone number private at all times.

  • How long do agents take to respond?

    Agents only have 2 business days to respond to your quote request. Most agents respond within hours, and proactive agents will respond immediately. Your agent quotes will be displayed in the order they were received in your dashboard.

About LocalAgentFinder

LocalAgentFinder is an online service that makes it easier for sellers, landlords and real estate agents to meet and do business together. We provide a transparent and impartial online platform in which property owners can compare, select and appoint the right agent to sell or rent their property.

For property owners, LocalAgentFinder provides the answers to all of your questions that arise in the process of choosing a real estate agent. By using our FREE service, you can compare agent quotes, profiles and fees online to assist you in selecting the right agent to sell or rent your property.

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