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Are All Conveyancers And Solicitors the Same?

The tasks that many conveyancers and solicitors perform appear on the surface to be similar. This could lead some people to believe that all conveyancers and solicitors are the same, but in fact they might differ quite a bit in terms of experience, knowledge, and qualifications. This could lead to the quality of the service that they perform being vastly different, despite undertaking virtually the same formal process of conveyancing.

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Higher Priced Professional Services

Conveyancers and solicitors are no different. Those who charge a higher fee will usually offer a better corresponding service. You can expect them to offer more details advice, one-on-one attention, and a higher attention to the small details that could make or break your transaction. They will have experience anticipating any potential problems, and will help you avoid those problems as you go through the full conveyancing process.

Higher-priced professionals also usually have more conveyancing experience. Chances are good that they have already dealt with most common problems that crop up, which allows them to face these issues with efficiency. Because many clients are in need of these specific services and are willing to pay for them, higher-priced solicitors or conveyancers don’t need to offer low prices to draw in business. Their expertise and reputations are enough to guarantee clients.

Solicitors may also be accredited property law specialists. This means that they will be able not only to help you with conveyancing, but also with any other issues pertaining to property law. This could include legal issues like adverse possession or compulsory acquisition. If your case is less than straightforward, this could be extremely useful. This type of specialised knowledge tends to cost more, however. If you are using an accredited property law specialist, you can expect to pay a higher fee.

Lower Priced Professional Services

On the other hand, if you choose to work with a conveyancer or solicitor who charges less, you will usually be offered no more than the bare necessities. These professionals will be able to help you complete the various steps of the conveyancing process, but they will not spend as much one on one time with clients. They won’t have the time to offer detailed explanations or advice and may not even meet with you face to face at all.

Because they charge less, they will need to work with more clients. This doesn’t give them the time or the inclination to treat each case individually, and they will try to spend as little time as possible on each transaction. This could be compared to real estate agents who work for large, busy firms with low prices. Although you may spend less on their commission fees, you may end up having to do some of the advertising legwork or show your own property. You can compare agents using the no-obligation tool at LocalAgentFinder to find an agent who fits your budget and professional needs at the same time.

Another reason why some conveyancers offer lower prices is because they are new to the business. Although a low fee may indicate a lack of experience, this is not always the case. Some conveyancers offering low fees will have just received their registration or licence. However, they may also be a more experienced conveyancer who has worked with another conveyancing company or law firm, and is offering a special discount to drum up new clients. In both cases, the fees will usually increase over time as the conveyancer either establishes a client base or gains more experience.

Just as you would compare real estate agents, it’s worth taking the time to compare different conveyancers or solicitors before you make your decision. It’s a good idea to meet with them face to face if possible. This will help you find a professional who you are able to communicate with effectively, boosting your confidence in their ability to help you with your transaction. Conveyancing is an extremely important part of selling or buying a house, so it’s worth hiring a conveyancer or solicitor who is both competent and makes you feel at ease.

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