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*Average commission rate based on active agents live on LocalAgentFinder in 2021.

Real estate agent fees by state

The average real estate fee charged in Australia is 2.08% in metropolitan areas, and 2.45% in regional areas. However, average commission fees can vary a lot state by state, and also depending on whether you’re selling in a regional versus a metropolitan area.

There's more to compare than just commission and fees

LocalAgentFinder was created to help homeowners like you make an informed decision on choosing the right real estate agent. Real estate agents shouldn’t be compared solely based on the percentage the real estate agent charges. At LocalAgentFinder, we believe that sellers should compare agents with Homeowner reviews, Performance data and Marketing strategies available, as well as agent fees.

Homeowner reviews

Through our unbiased review platform, homeowners can share their experiences with other homeowners like you.

Performance data

All the up-to-date current listings and sold properties information you need to assess how an agent is performing.

Marketing strategy

Gain an understanding of an agent’s marketing strategy and budget, and see how it stacks up with fees and commissions.

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Types of real estate agent commission structure

Fixed rates

A fixed rate percentage is when you pay a specific dollar amount upon the sale of your property. There’s no standard commission rate, and they can vary from agent to agent. No matter what the sale price is, this approach gives you certainty over the fee, but also encourages a quick sale, even if that means a lower sales price for you.

Flat rates

There are a select few real estate agents who’ll agree to a flat fee structure rather than commissions. This means as a customer, you’ll know what the cost of selling your house is, no matter what the price.

Tiered rates

This means that you’ll pay a commission rate depending on the sale price of your property. Tiered rates are intended to encourage real estate agents to obtain a higher sale price than expected. For example, you could agree to pay a 2% commission at a sale price of $480,000 or less, then you might agree to pay 10% commission on anything above $480,000.

Other fees to consider

Online Marketing cost

The three main websites agents use to sell property are, and Listing your property on these websites are well worth it as you’re likely to attract buyers through these channels.

Traditional Marketing cost

Depending on the agent you choose and the area you live in, other forms of advertising could include local newspapers, flyers, brochures or signboards for the front of your property.

Conveyancing cost

A professional conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor helps with settlement and title transfer process. It’s a good idea to budget between $600 to $1200 for conveyancing. Again, these costs can vary depending on where you’re located and the service you choose.


Good photography can make a huge difference to your listing, both online and in the press. A good real estate agent will either have an in-house photographer, or they might outsource.


If you’re selling your house via auction, there may be a fee paid to the auctioneer that’s separate to the agent’s commission fee.


How do you calculate real estate commission?

Real estate agent commission is calculated as a percentage of the final sale price of the property. If you multiply the purchase price by the commission percentage, you'll find out the total commission. For example, on a $500,000 property at 2.29% commission, the commission would be $11,450 – calculated as follows: 500,000 x 2.29% = $11,450.