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When it comes to selling your home, you'll want to get an indication of how much it's going to cost you to sell so you can budget accordingly.

The LocalAgentFinder Selling Costs Calculator simplifies the process by breaking down the costs of selling, using data specific to your own property type and location.

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A Quick and Easy House Valuation Calculator Tool at LocalAgentFinder

Are you searching for a ‘costs of selling a house calculator’? Here at LocalAgentFinder we have an easy-to-use calculation tool, providing instant estimations of the cost to sell your property.

Benefits of Using a Costs Calculator

When selling a property, there are a number of both obvious and less considered costs involved. Using a simple calculation tool can be beneficial in understanding exactly how much the sale could cost. The tool will ask for some simple data about your property and sale before generating a figure based on your details. This data can either be exact costings if you know specifics or estimates which can be used for information purposes,

Being fully informed of the bigger picture can help to form realistic expectations of what profit you may achieve from the sale; taking into consideration larger costs such as real estate agent commission and any mortgage exit fees as well as smaller costs such as removal charges.

Using our Calculation Tool

Our tool is segmented into three straightforward sections. Each section requires the input of some information or statistics that are relevant to your property and costings. These sections are;

  1. Property details

Information such as home location, property type and estimated sales price.

  1. Agent costs

Input details such as commission rate, marketing costs and auction costs.

  1. Additional costs

This section is for removal charges, storage costs, conveyancing fees, early repayment charges and so forth.

Once these sections are completed, our tool will provide an estimation of the cost to sell your property.

Our Service Doesn’t Stop There

At LocalAgentFinder, we provide homeowners with a much wider service than our costs of selling a house calculator. Founded over 10 years ago, we have been helping sellers to find, compare and connect with the best suited real estate agents in their area.

Our agent comparison service puts us head and shoulders above our competition. We are proud to boast the most comprehensive collection of data in the industry and the best part? Our unbiased service is completely free for homeowners to access.

This means, information including performance data, sales history, marketing strategies, agency overviews and even fees and commission rates are accessible to homeowners free of charge. Simply input some details about your property and preferences and our platform filters through our panel of agents, providing you with the best suited individuals.

Make clear comparisons and when you have narrowed down your search, you can choose to connect with your preferred agents. At LocalAgentFinder, we recommend meeting with a minimum of three or four agents in person to enable a clear and informed decision to be made.

For some extra guidance and explanation on the different aspects involved in selling your property, browse through our helpful blog pages. Find a diverse selection of posts from styling your home for viewings and how to boost your property value to learning how the loan and refinancing processes work.

Let LocalAgentFinder Help!

At LocalAgentFinder, we have done the hard work so you don’t have to. With a wealth of information, guidance and tools available, we are here every step of the way. Use our selling costs calculator, compare real estate agents, read about average statistics in your area and more today!