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Does Having a Water Tank Help When Selling My Property?

Water is an important resource in Australia, which is known for its droughts, dry spells, and corresponding water restrictions. With the importance of water conservation drilled into our collective consciousness via adverts on the television, online, in newspapers, and even on the tram, most of us are always aware of our water use. This has led to the prevalence of water tanks in many properties. They are a popular commodity to home buyers, and are even mandatory in some areas. If you are thinking about selling your home, this is a factor to consider.

Adding a water tank may help add value to your property. You can sit down for a discussion about this with a local real estate agent, who will know the latest council regulations in your area. Start your search for a real estate agent by registering your details at LocalAgentFinder. With the help of a licensed professional, you can analyse your target demographic and see how a water tank can help lure them into taking a longer look at your property.

How a Water Tank Works

If you’re thinking about installing a water tank, it’s helpful to first learn a little bit more about how it works. Your roof is used to catch rain water, with its large surface area. From the roof, the water travels down pipes into the water tank. Within the tank, the water is filtered to make it suitable for use within the home. This usually includes regular household tasks include bathing, washing the laundry, flushing toilets, and watering flowerbeds and lawns. In some cases, the rainwater can even be used as drinking water provided that it is free from contaminants and property filtered. When you think of water tanks, you probably are imagining the traditional large silo models. However, today’s water tanks are streamlined to fit in any home, and can be cleverly hidden away.

The Benefits of Water Tanks

Improving your home with a water tank can yield numerous benefits. It can help add value to your home, by reducing the amount you pay in water bills. With a water tank, your property will become more self-sufficient and less reliant on the local mains water supply. These are both attractive prospects to many buyers when the time comes to sell your home.

By using your own water source, you are free to use it whenever you like, rather than following the government water regulations during times of shortage. It allows you to water your lawn and other areas of landscaping, to maintain a lush, attractive external environment to your home. The mains water supply uses chemicals to treat water, but your own rainwater source is free from these, making it better for your garden. This can automatically make your property stand out from the local competition and increase property value. You can find other ways to improve your curb appeal by speaking to a local real estate agent who knows your neighbourhood well. By comparing agents at LocalAgentFinder, you can find a professional who knows what buyers in your area are looking for.

In terms of safety, water tanks can be quite useful during natural disasters or other emergencies. Flash floods are common in certain parts of the country, but the damage from these can be reduced because water tanks help to capture a large volume of the rainfall. If a fire breaks out, the water tank provides an instant source of water to put it out. They also prevent property damage by helping ease the problems that can arise from a dry, cracked foundation.

This is all in addition to one of the primary benefits of water tanks, which is helping do your part for the environment. Without water tanks, rainwater runs into the storm water systems before it makes its way out into the ocean. This wastes its potential as fresh water to use in the home. By capturing the rainwater in tanks at home, you not only can reduce the impact of storm-water runoff into the delicate ecosystem, but reduce the need for industrial desalinisation.

Desalinisation plants are harmful to the environment in numerous ways. They can contribute to the destruction of local ecosystems, and also produce high greenhouse gas emissions. This is because they must use harsh chemicals to make seawater fit for human consumption. These plants also require equipment which produces a strong suction effect that can kill local marine life. You can help do your part to reduce waste and save marine wildlife by installing a water tank at home.

The Appeal of Property with a Water Tank

Water tanks are not only attractive to buyers, but they are also an attractive feature to tenants. If you’re thinking about renting property, you could improve the value of your rental home by offering a water tank on the premises. Many tenants are eco-friendly and are interested in properties which show a similar commitment to reducing energy and water usage. They will be more interested in moving into a sustainable home that offers lower energy and water bills, whilst giving them greater peace of mind. A water source on the premises also makes it easier for tenants to adhere to any mandatory water restrictions in times of drought.

An attractive garden is a feature that can help sell your home, but it also requires maintenance. By installing a water tank, you can make it easier to sell a home with a garden. This is because it’s difficult to maintain a garden under existing water restrictions. The water tank makes it possible to maintain this garden, and the buyers will see this. This is an indirect yet valuable way that a water tank can boost the property price.

Installing a Tank

There are clearly many positive aspects to owning a water tank. Yet there are a few drawbacks to be aware of before you make a decision. For example, if the tank is not installed correctly, this can cause it to become a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Algae can also breed when the water is exposed to sunlight. Be sure to cover all inlets to prevent this contamination, and clean the roof and gutters regularly to keep your water fresh and usable.

Once you have made the decision to invest in a new water tank, you can benefit from Federal Government rebates. The rebate program has been designed to entice more homeowners into installing water tanks, by reducing installation costs. You’ll need to be sure that your water tank adhered to all Australian standards and guidelines. These pertain to the design, manufacture, material, and installation of the tank.

What’s next?

A good first stop for information is your local real estate agent. Whether you wish to rent or sell your property, a water tank can make it look more attractive. Register now at LocalAgentFinder,┬ácompare and select an agent who is well versed in water tanks and other methods of improving your property’s value.

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