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Should I Use a Conveyancer Referred By a Real Estate Agent ?

Finding a qualified conveyancer or solicitor can help ensure that you receive sound advice as you buy or sell a property. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to research your options thoroughly and find a professional who will be a good fit for your needs. Conveyancing requirements and regulations vary according to the state or territory that a property is located in, so it’s important to choose a solicitor or conveyancer who is knowledgeable with the locality you are buying or selling in.

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Care should be taken when choosing a real estate agent, who also plays an important role in any real estate transaction. The seller’s real estate agent may even take part in conveyancing by preparing the Contract of Sale. Your real estate agent may also recommend a conveyancer or solicitor to you. It’s helpful to take any suggestions or referrals you receive on board, but you may wish to do so with a grain of salt.

Comparing Conveyancers or Solicitors

Although it’s silly to dismiss outright a referral from your real estate agent, don’t just hire the first conveyancer or solicitor who is recommended to you. You’ll wish to compare the referred conveyancer or solicitor to other professionals before making a decision. As you compare conveyancers or solicitors, take factors such as experience, costs, and quality into account. Qualifications and fees may vary.

Motivations behind Referrals

The reason why a real estate agent will most likely refer a conveyancer to you is because they have established a professional networking arrangement together. In many cases, this could mean that the real estate agent receives referrals from the conveyancer in return, or that they receive some other type of benefit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the referred professionals won’t do a good job. All solicitors and conveyancers are bound by the same licensing requirements and rules of conduct in Australia.

Yet to find the right fit for something as important as a real estate transaction, it’s a good idea to weigh all of your options carefully. Rather than hiring the conveyancer or solicitor based on a referral, you’ll want to see what other professionals in your area have to offer. Don’t feel pressured to hire a conveyancer or solicitor simply because your real estate agent wants you to. You can inform your agent that you will consider their suggestion with the other conveyancers and solicitors you have researched, in order to choose the ideal fit for your needs.

If you have concerns about ulterior motives behind your real estate agent’s referral, you can contact the conveyancer or solicitor in question on an anonymous basis. This allows you to research their qualifications and reputation on your own terms. In some cases, you may not trust the real estate agent. In this case, disregard their referral and find your own conveyancer or solicitor. You may also need to switch real estate agents if there is a lack of trust.

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