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Average commission rate in New South Wales


National average commission rate

2.07% Metro areas
2.54% Regional areas

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With a slowdown expected in 2018 in the NSW property market, finding a real estate agent who can get you the price you need for your home has never been more important. This is particularly true in Sydney, where high median house values and tighter lending restrictions are cooling the market.

Fortunately, due to a highly competitive marketplace, NSW has some of the lowest agent commission rates, especially in Sydney where rates are below the state average. So finding an agent who charges a reasonable rate for their services shouldn't be a problem if you're selling your home in 2018.

NSW's agent commission rate is at an average of 2.05%, slightly under the national metropolitan average of 2.07%, and the regional average of 2.54%. This can be attributed to the fierce competition faced by real estate agents in the Sydney housing market.

Although the cost of hiring an agent is an important consideration, it is only one of a number of factors to consider when searching for the right real estate agent. Real estate markets differ greatly in NSW, with changes in economic activity impacting populations in different ways. It's just as important to find an agent who knows and understands local conditions as it is to find one who charges affordable fees.

Other important things to look for in a real estate agent:

1. Successful sales history

the agent must show a strong history of successful property sales, particularly in the last 12 months.

2. Sound local knowledge

it's imperative they have a thorough understanding of the local market. This includes average house prices, current demand, buyer demographics, and average turnaround times.

3. Experience in similar property sales

if the agent has sold properties similar to yours, they will have a much better idea of how to market and sell your property successfully.

4. Positive customer reviews

there's no better recommendation than a satisfied customer, so they need to have genuine testimonials from previous clients (such as those available on LocalAgentFinder).

5. Agency track record

as well as the agent, you need to look at the agency they belong to, and whether the agency has a good track record of sales in your area.

6. Marketing strategy

this can differ between agents, so you need to choose an agent who has a strategy in tune with your own way of thinking about your property.

7. Confidence

if the agent isn't quietly confident in what they do, they're not likely to inspire confidence in potential buyers either.

8. Likeability

real estate is about people, so they need to be a people person, able to engage with and relate to potential buyers on their own level.

You can compare many of these qualities on the LocalAgentFinder site including sales history, customer reviews, marketing strategies and fees. Simply fill in your property details and requirements, click on your location in NSW and our search engine will take care of the rest.

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Fees and commissions

Fees shouldn't be the only consideration, but price is important. LocalAgentFinder has been collecting rich agent data for several years, and have a comprehensive set of agent fees and commissions data which you to use to compare agents.

You control who you connect with

LocalAgentFinder will recommend top agents based on your preferences, and only when you're ready, our homeowner assistance team will connect you with your choice of agent.

User-friendly interface

Starting your agent search is easy. Simply tell us about your property and requirements so you can compare, shortlist and connect with as many agents as you please.