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At LocalAgentFinder, you can compare commission rates, sales history, performance data, marketing strategies and homeowner reviews to help you choose an agent based on their overall profile, rather than just how much their fees are.

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We provide our service free to homeowners. How do we do it? We make money by charging your chosen real estate agent a referral fee once they have sold or rented your home. They agree to this fee when they sign up with LocalAgentFinder.

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LocalAgentFinder is so much more than an online real estate database. We're real people who understand your needs. Our Australia-based homeowner assistance team are ready to help you in any way we can. Call us on 133 033 for an answer to any of your queries.

LocalAgentFinder's leading digital comparison service allows you to compare agent fees & commissions, agent bios, agency information, selling strategies, sales performance, reviews and more.

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Currently, Victoria has one of the strongest real estate markets in Australia, with median house prices continuing to grow steadily across the state. There was no downward trend in 2017 due to strong jobs growth in Melbourne, mostly due to interstate and overseas migrants continuing to flock to the city in large numbers.

Victoria has some of the lowest agent commission rates in the country as it is a highly competitive market. In Melbourne, the average commission rate is particularly low and sits below the state average. This should make finding a real estate agent who charges reasonable fees much easier if you are selling your home in 2018.

The Victorian market is highly competitive, providing reason for why the average real estate commission rate is 2.05%, below the national average. Typically, this drives costs associated with hiring an agent downwards.

However, the cost of hiring an agent is only one of a number of factors to consider when comparing real estate agents in your area. Real estate markets vary widely across Victoria, with local economies being impacted by a variety of different factors. So as well as finding a real estate agent who charges affordable fees, you need to find one who has their finger on the local economic pulse as well.

Understanding how much selling your property will cost you is made easier with LocalAgentFinder's leading online comparison service that provides you access to agent commission rates, marketing fees, unique selling strategies and more.

Other important thing to look for in a real estate agent

1. Local real estate knowledge

the agent should possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of the local real estate market - including average prices, current demand, buyer demographics and length of time it takes to sell.

2. Impressive sales history

they should be able to demonstrate a strong history of successful sales in your local area, ideally in the last year or so.

3. Experience selling similar property

the agent's experience should be in the sale of properties similar to yours (i.e. three bedroom homes rather than corporate tower blocks), so they have a better idea of ways to successfully market and sell the property.

4. Satisfied customers

customer testimonials are the best insight you can gain on an agent. Such reviews will provide the best indication of what your experience will likely be.

5. Strong backing

they should belong to an agency that has adequate resources, and a positive track record of successful sales in your area.

6. Marketing strategy

how the agent plans to sell your property will give you an indication of whether they know what they're doing.

7. Confidence & likeability

they must be quietly confident in what they do in order to inspire confidence in others and they should be approachable and able to engage with potential buyers on their own level.

LocalAgentFinder allows you to compare many of these qualities including fees charged, sales history, customer reviews and marketing strategy. Simply fill in your property's details and requirements and click on your location in Victoria to get started.

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We're very user-friendly

Our easy-to-use interface makes searching for your ideal agent a breeze. Simply fill in your property details and tell us your requirements and preferences to get started.

We compare fees

LocalAgentFinder has the most comprehensive set of agent fees and commissions data in the country, helping you compare among other factors.

You control the process

LocalAgentFinder will recommend top agents, and help you connect with your agent of choice. But ultimately, you have the control and we'll only connect you with your chosen agent when you're ready.

Understand agents' skills and attributes

Get a real sense of an agent's personality by comparing their skills and attributes as reviewed by other homeowners like you, as well as looking at agent videos uploaded by agents themselves.

Real estate marketing strategies often vary between agents, with different marketing campaign options available to promote the sale of your property. LocalAgentFinder enables you to compare marketing strategies, sales performance, fees and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect with Real Estate Agents in Victoria

Moving home does not need to be a headache when you find some of the top real estate agents in Victoria that can work for you.

Real estate agents in Victoria can choose to partner with us at LocalAgentFinder and list their services on our website. When they successfully make a sale or a lease a property through a referral from us, they pay us the same rate. This means that we can offer our services free to homeowners who are looking to either sell or rent their property, and we give you the best chance of finding a real estate agent that works for you.

How does LocalAgentFinder work?

The process for finding a list of real estate agents in VIC that would work for your property is simple. All you need to do is put in your postcode, tell us a few details about your property and what you are looking for in an agent, and our comparison tool will produce you with your results. As these results are dependent upon the information that you give, you can be sure that you will be presented with agents that will be able to do what you are looking for.

You will be able to see how many properties an agent has sold, the median price that the properties have sold at, the number of properties that the agent currently has on their books. Once you connect with an agent, you’ll also see the marketing costs and strategies, and the commission that they charge. You can also discover more about the real estate rental fees in Victoria.

This equips you with the knowledge you need to have empowered conversations with real estate agents, plus you will be able to factor in the potential costs that will be associated with your move.

You will also have access to agent biographies so that you can find out more about the agent, including their team size and how they work. Many agents also have reviews where you can find out about past experiences that other clients have had and decide whether you could work with them.

When you have had the chance to digest your results, you can choose to connect with those you like the sound of directly from our website. When you choose from your top three or four, you can select a time that would be convenient for the agent to call you.

We suggest that you arrange an appraisal with three to four different agents so that you get a good flavour for the market and see whether you would like to work with the agents in question. You can also find out their estimated sale price for your home or the rental value.

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