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Agents submit written quotes

Agents are invited to submit written proposals for your property listing. They include an agency profile, commissions/fees, marketing plan and sales strategy. All proposals follow one simple and consistent online format, making comparison easy.

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Step 2

You compare, select & appoint.

As you receive proposals, we’ll help you compare them side-by-side online. You can shortlist agents, and make contact when you’re ready. Most proposals arrive within 1-2 working days.

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What others are saying

Find out why thousands of Australians have trusted LocalAgentFinder to find a local real estate agent to sell or rent their property.

  • I used sellmycastle.com.au to find an agent to rent out my property. I got a number of detailed quotes and was able to easily select the agent that best suited me. My apartment was rented out in a matter of days and I feel confident that I am being taken care of.

    Haley Rich / Darlinghurst, NSW
  • A very professional service - and very handy! I will definitely use your services again and have told my friends about it too!

    Jesse Richards / Calista, WA
  • I was thinking of driving all the way from Toowoomba to Bendigo to sort out the many problems and find a new agent for our rental property. But when Googling for estate agents in Bendigo, the first thing that came up was 'sellmycastle.com.au". I had never heard of such a thing, but it seemed simple to use, so I gave it a go. Within a week I had engaged a new, genuine agent who has turned a potential horror story into a pleasureable experience .. plus saved a long drive !! Good work sellmycastle.com.au!

    Greg Willis / Jackass Flat, VIC
  • We had no idea where to start with estate agents. sellmycastle.com.au made this process very easy and 4 agents contacted us my email, no pressure, we selected 2 to come and assess the house, we then selected the one we felt most comfortable with and the rest is history. A very easy option and by far the best.

    Alan Mcmanus / Warranwood, VIC
  • I was delighted to have three agents respond to my registration on sellmycastle.com.au, two of whom offered lower agent fees than the incumbent agent who I knew was at the top of the market for price but below par for service and culture. I very much desired to replace the current agent but was facing a difficult task given I am in Sydney and the property is in Queensland with no short to mid term plans to travel up there. I was researching on the internet to establish a potential short list to phone around when I stumbled across your service . I am excited with the opportunity your service has given me , it was an incredibly easy process and the results have exceeded my expectations. You are doing a most fantastic job. For your information , I have 5 investment properties around different areas in Australia and would not hesitate to use sellmycastle.com.au again if I need to replace an agent or to appoint an agent to a new property purchase. I purchased the existing properties progressively over 20 years and always just signed with the default listing agent. I certainly will do it differently next time.

    Anne Kremer / Burnside, QLD
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