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Can Bathrooms Make Or Break the Selling of a House?

Although buyers will look at a property in its entirety before deciding whether or not to purchase it, there are certain areas of a house that may bear more scrutiny than others. Any real estate agent can tell you that one of these specialty areas is the bathroom. This is an area where you spend a great deal of time at the beginning and ending of each day. An ideal bathroom exudes a clean, tranquil, and comfortable ambience. It is also a part of the house that will be seen by friends, family members, and other visitors; so it should be built to impress rather than embarrass.

An unappealing bathroom can be an instant turnoff. With this in mind, it’s worth thinking about investing a bit of time and money to make your bathroom look its best. You may wish to sit down for a consultation with a real estate agent regarding what you can do to make your bathroom stand out from the competition. You can start this process by registering your details at LocalAgentFinder and comparing agents in your area. A good local agent will know what your target demographic looks for in a bathroom, so that you can meet or even exceed these expectations.

However, you don’t need to spend all of your nest egg to turn around a bathroom. With the following simple steps, you can make it a more inviting place guaranteed to grab buyer attention.

Neutralise the Bathroom

If your bathroom is currently a reflection of your personality, this can make it difficult for a buyer to visualise themselves living in your home. Clear out any clutter and non-essential personal belongings, leaving a neutral yet inviting ambience behind. Try to think of the functional neutrality of a hotel, and try to create this same atmosphere at home for inspections.

Give the Room a Deep Cleaning

Because it’s used so frequently, the bathroom can quickly become one of the dirtiest areas of your home. You’ll want to get rid of mildew, soap scum, lime scale, and surface stains. To accomplish this, you may need to purchase some specialised bathroom cleaning products such as grout cleaner and mould remove. Grout cleaner loosens deep-seated dirt and helps keep your grouting cleaner for longer periods of time, whilst mould remover will also help prevent any future mould growth. Pay special attention to water stains on chrome fittings or mirrors, which will need a special polish.

Take Care of Basic Maintenance

In addition to cleaning up your bathroom, you’ll also want to fix any repairs that you’ve been putting off. Ensure that plumbing and ventilation are in strong working repair, which will be appreciated by buyers. Fix leaky faucets, clean vents, and repair drawers and cupboards for a clean and functional space. You may need to replace sealant in the bathroom, because this can start peeling with age and offset the modern environment that you are trying to create.

Open up the Space

Even if your bathroom is naturally small, there are a few ways to create the illusion of more space. You can install a large mirror on one side of the room, for example. This will open up the room and make the space look twice as big. Another option is to give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral colour.

Enhance Space with Lighting

Dim lighting will also make your bathroom look small and unappealing. Install new lighting fixtures if necessary to show off the bathroom’s features and give the room a shot of energy. If the lighting is too dull, then surfaces can look dirty. With bright lighting, they will sparkle.

Create a Fresh Style

With a clean, neutral slate to work with, you can then create an appealing style for your model bathroom. Get rid of old, used towels and purchase some fresh new towels. These should be arranged neatly on the towel rail. You can take hand towels, roll them, and stack them beside the basin. An elegant flower arrangement on the vanity and a scented candle can transform a simple bathroom into a sophisticated spa. The romantic ambience will lure in buyers and invite them to take a closer look!

In addition to cleaning and brightening up your bathroom with these tips, it’s also worth thinking about whether or not renovation is right for you. This is an issue that is best to discuss with a local real estate agent. By comparing agent qualifications using the free, no-obligation service at LocalAgentFinder, you can find a local professional who can discuss renovation with you. If you have the cash to spare, it’s worth looking into the following options:

Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Swap your dated toilet roll holders, towel rails, shower heads and taps for more modern and contemporary designs. This step alone can make a world of difference in how your bathroom is perceived by buyers. Many buyers gravitate towards water efficient fixtures, which will save them money.

Repair Worn or Chipped Surfaces

Porcelain bathroom surfaces are prone to chipping, including sink tops or bathtubs. One option would be to replace these items completely, but if you wish to save money you could also opt to have them resurfaced. This can also be done with old flooring that’s in need of repair.

Add Storage Space

Buyers will be examining bathrooms carefully to see if there is enough space for all of their toiletries. If yours seems to lack storage space, your efforts will be for nothing. Think about building shelves or installing recesses to help provide greater storage opportunities.

Add Luxury Details

If you have the money, you may also wish to add a few luxurious amenities to your bathroom. Heater exhaust fans will keep buyers warm, as will under-floor heating. Spa jets in the bath will give them a soothing sensation, and will invite them to slip into the tub. These little touches of luxury will appeal to a buyer’s sense of wanting to be pampered at home.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re taking a closer look at these renovation options is whether or not they make sense, financially. Renovations can improve your home’s value, but take care not to invest more money in the bathroom than you can realistically make back in the final home sale. This is more common than you might think, and is known as overcapitalisation. At times, sellers can upgrade their property beyond what it is worth in relation to the surrounding area. If buyers are looking at a moderate-income area, they will have a budget that corresponds with the neighbourhood. If the renovations have left your home out of their budget, they will look at other options. Even if the buyers are enamoured with your beautifully renovated bathroom and property, if they don’t have the means to purchase it they will go elsewhere. You may end up lowering your price to find buyers, losing money on your investment.

Before you think about upgrading your bathroom or other areas of the property, it’s a good idea to research your market thoroughly. You can do this with the help of a local real estate agent who knows the competition and demographic in your region. Find out what features are important to buyers in your area, and what they will be willing to pay. This will help you maximise your profit. The bathroom is one of the most important areas in any home. If you can make your buyers fall in love with this room, they may be sold on the entire property.

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