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Mavin Real Estate, Victoria Park, 6100

Mavin Real Estate

48 Mackie Street, Victoria Park
Western Australia 6100
Agency overview

The word mavin (or maven) means “one who understands”. A mavin is a trusted expert, connoisseur or someone who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. In real estate terms Mavin Real Estate is your one stop shop for Perth residential property management and sales.

The business is built around the following core values:

Keeping our clients informed
Providing our clients with honest and clear communication
Acting in an efficient and professional manner
Doing what we say we will do
Keeping our promised deadlines and being on time

At Mavin Real Estate we focus on one to one communication. As a client you will always deal with only one person. We don’t want to grow big, we want to keep the personal touch so you know who you are dealing with at all times.

We know that buying, renting or selling property is an important life event. We would like you to know that we will be there for you for every step of the journey, helping you to make the best decision. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy
Given the current market conditions with increasing number of properties being listed for sale and less buyers, it is important to attract as many potential buyers as possible which is why the marketing strategy includes several initiatives such as:

Local Area Marketing
Buyer Database*
Internet advertising**

To present your property in the best possible way, the marketing plan also includes professional photos, floor plan, photo signage and brochures.


*Buyer Database
Once I have received confirmation that you are appointing me as your selling agent I will contact my buyer database to inform them of your property.

The contacts includes:

Buyers Agents (Agents acting on behalf of buyers)
Existing buyers who are already registered on my database.

The segmented database has in the past identified buyers but relying just on one source has great dangers. This is why the proposed marketing strategy includes several ways of finding the buyer who is willing to pay a premium price for your property.

**Internet advertising
Being on page 1 of Google is far more attractive than being on page 3. The same principle applies when advertising your property for sale. Therefore, the marketing campaign includes more than just the bare minimum internet package to create a stronger presence and awareness of your property.

Selling Method:
There are a number of options available including:

*Priceless marketing campaign
*Price campaign with a time limit (usually up to 4 weeks)
*Price campaign with a from price

Each method has its pros and cons. Without understanding your situation, knowing the property it is hard to recommend one method at this point in time. I look forward to discuss this with you in detail.

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