Caela Zeneth, Alice Springs, 0870

Caela Zeneth

Sales Manager

Professionals Alice Springs, Alice Springs, 0870

Professionals Alice Springs

1 Cinema Complex, Todd Mall, Alice Springs, Northern Territory 0870
Agency Overview
Our Agency is a family run, locally owned business. We are passionate about sales and pride ourselves on getting the best possible price for our clients. We have a team of highly trained sales people who are the only 'team' in town who work as a team. We only advertise our central business number in the newspaper as we want all our potential clients to be able to speak to one of our sales representatives as soon as possible. We have over 35 years combined experience as a team.

We as an agency pride ourselves on being tough negotiators and all train regularly with the Pittard Training Group, an industry leader in negotiation training an ethics in real estate.
Marketing Plan
We employ a range of marketing and advertising techniques to try to reach every age group. We use online and print media plus have an extensive buyers board that is our first point of contact. Buyers on our board are qualified and ready to buy today. We will also door knock the neighbourhood in search of a 'heart buyer' who, by wanting to live in the area will pay a premium for the right property. I would love to have the opportunity to talk more with you about this.
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