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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

75 Alexander Street, Lane Cove
New South Wales 2066
Agency overview

Thank you for your inquiry through "Local Agent Finder". Our agency is delighted to be able to provide you with our proposed marketing material and, of course, would be delighted to look after you and your property.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has a great track record and reputation when it comes to results and customer service. We achieve great results in a timely way with a minimum of unnecessary cost. Our key performance indicators are the best in the industry:

Key Performance indicators:
Clearance Rate: 97%
Average days on market: 19
Average sale price: 7% higher than the industry average.

Marketing Plan

Our marketing and promotion is made up of a selection of carefully prepared elements making up a well targeted and cost effective campaign. This campaign is designed to have strong and effective market reach within a reasonable budget. The details of the proposed marketing campaign are below:

One of Sydney’s leading property photographers will shoot an expansive selection of excellent quality digital photographs which will be used for all colour advertising, media and editorial submissions to all magazines and newspapers.
Professional Photography
Touch up and enhancement of digital pictures

The features, benefits and advantages of your property will be showcased in a 3 minute, professionally shot video which will be available through youtube and on all media and promotional material including all web sites. It will be available through a QR code on your handout material, e-book and signboard. A video holds your buyers' attention and adds another dimension to the huge market reach we achieve for each of our property sales.

This digitally generated reproduction allows prospective buyers to accurately recall your property layout after an inspection and discuss the placement of furniture and the allocation of each room!
Drawn and prepared by “On Time Floorplans”

Professional Copywriting
One of Sydney’s leading copywriters will prepare the copy for your signboard, hand out booklets, web sites, display ads, classified ad’s, window display and editorial submissions. Professional copywriting can add a further dimension to your campaign which can give you an edge over the other properties with which you are competing.
Professional copywriting

Twelve Page Full Colour Gloss Handout Booklet
A quality information booklet on gloss stock in full colour will be prepared in detail for your property. This handout booklet will incorporate a front cover “brochure”, a comprehensive summary of “features and benefits” pertaining to the property, an easy to understand floorplan/siteplan, the current month’s newsletter with comparable sales, and a page for notes. This booklet sends a quality message about your property and is extensive in the information that it provides. The booklet makes your property stand out from the others and will make it easier for buyers to recall the things about it that they liked. The booklet is saved as a pdf and used in all correspondence from this office regarding inquiry from any source.
250 colour booklets

Photo Signboard
Designed for maximum exposure. Key information with the property’s main selling benefits and an interior colour photograph allows the sign to stand out. “A twenty four hour a day salesman”.
Photo signboard, flag holder, installation and removal after sale

Window Display
Full colour A3 laminated window card which will be placed in the window for the duration of the campaign. Better Homes and Gardens offices are located in busy areas where passing pedestrian numbers are very high, between 7% & 13% of sales are instigated by seeing the property first in the office window.
Printing and lamination of A3 Window Card and installation in our high profile widow

Once uploaded to our company web site your property will be automatically listed on realestate.com.au – Australia’s number one Real Estate site as well as seven other portal sites. All Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate properties are placed overnight to ensure maximum exposure.

Australia’s most visited real estate site on Sydney’s North Shore. Domain.com.au is owned by Fairfax. It is well promoted within that network, online, and in print through the Sydney Morning Herald.

Our functional, attractive and “easy on the eye” web site, is becoming increasingly popular with potential buyers. It can be translated into any language by clicking on a translate button.

One of the newest web sites to come on line. This site offers a further portal web presence in the well populated Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate web portfolio. Our office has “premium status” which allows your property to be listed for sale on 12 international web sites accessing over 40 million property buyers and investors around the world (Including China, the rest of Asia, Europe and The Middle East). Your property will also enjoy priority placement above other properties with standard listing packages. This makes your property more visible to more potential buyers both nationally and internationally.

A spin off from realestate.com.au. This site is populated by properties from its big brother, realestate.com.au but is in a different format. Through the market leader, buyers have a full choice of all properties for sale nationally through property.com.au.

Accessing over fifty million mainland Chinese buyers, this site is a boon to any Australian property seller. Your property will be displayed in Chinese characters together with all pertinent information - including photos and floorplan. The international call centre (in Shanghai) provides all pertinent information including inspection times and sends a notification to our office by e-mail.

Buyer Matching and data base
As members of The EAC Group, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has access to a far reaching network of brother offices. Our data base is populated by buyers from across Sydney and NSW providing a short list of qualified potential purchasers for your property. We have a buyers waiting to purchase your property now.

North Shore Times Inspection Panels
Every Open For Inspection will be booked in the North Shore Times Inspection Panel section every week for the length of your campaign allowing an easy to view format of all Open Times making it easier for buyers to plan their viewings.

Mosman Daily Inspection Panels
Similarly every Open For Inspection will be booked in the Mosman Daily Inspection Panel section every week for the length of your campaign.

The Sing Tao (Chinese Classifieds)
Advertisements on consecutive Saturdays using Chinese characters
Sydney’s leading Chinese classified newspaper covering a wide selection of Sydney based real estate and catering to the Chinese community.

“Features, benefits and amenities”
A comprehensive summary of all virtuous and desirable features and benefits of your property together with convenient local amenities will be prepared and attached to the material handed out at “open houses”. This additional material is also available by e-mail and fax. This information is important for those who would like a more detailed insight into the virtues of your property and the additional “value added” characteristics that make your property more special and more desirable than the other ones your buyers have inspected – another small but essential part of your campaign with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

Allen Estate Agents e-Book
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate's e-book is accessible through the web sites to which Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Subscribes together with our own web site. Offering a visually interesting and informative medium to showcase your property the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate e-book is a promotional tool which is e-mailed to every potential buyer on the Better Homes and Gardens data base and forms an integral element of a successful campaign at a wonderfully inexpensive price. The e-book is innovative and interesting with a user friendly magazine look and feel to it. The e-book provides an easy to access full color presentation of properties in your area that are for sale. Being a part of this color electronic publication allows your property details to be provided to a very clearly identified target market – a market that is interested in purchasing quality real estate in your area within a defined period of time.

A professionally written editorial submission prepared to the specifications of each prospective editor will be written and sent to each publication with a selection of quality pictures. Editorial is a powerful means of reaching your target market and will be viewed by buyers as an unbiased and objective description of your property. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has a great strike rate with editorial as we carefully observe the editors’ requirements and the quality of our photography and copy is second to none.

Open for Inspections
A licensed or certified professional real estate agent will conduct structured “Open Houses” at your property to allow the buyers who have been attracted to inspect the property and appreciate the features, benefits and advantages that it has to offer.

Pointer boards
Prior to your “Open for Inspection” we will position pointer boards nearby to help potential buyers locate your property. Often buyers will attend the properties that are the easiest to find. We want your property to be one of these.


Reference for Lloyd Allen

We purchased our family home through Lloyd in August 1997.

This year we decided to move to Hobart and sell our current home in Ferndale Street Chatswood West (Just off Beaconsfield Road) . After some research and information gathering, we decided on Lloyd as our agent as he was familiar with the area, and had a good track record and successful history of sales in the area, and his fee structure was very competitive.

We followed Lloyd’s recommendations and advice when it came to the marketing method, documents required and conveyancing, which proved to be very effective.

Lloyd was diligent with his follow up, took care of every detail and aspect of the marketing and promotion of our property and followed up every buyer and lead that our campaign produced.

Lloyd produced a good number of motivated buyers who competed with each other at our auction that achieved a fabulous result - well over our expectations.

We believe that the diligent hard wo

—Dietmar Khalis And Dr. Nisha Kendall / Chatswood

To whom it may concern

Reference for Lloyd Allen

I was pleased when Lloyd asked me to put together a brief reference for him as this provided me with an opportunity to thank him for the help and attention he gave us, and our buyers, with regard to the recent sale of my mother’s property.

After having several dealings with real estate agents over the years I feel well qualified to comment on Lloyd and his approach to customer service and results.

I suppose I was fortunate that our paths crossed, as Lloyd proved to be a great asset to our sale and to the fulfilment of our plans.

Lloyd was hard working. He used his skills and experience to promote my mother’s property in an attractive, “value added” way. He produced several motivated and financial buyers, one of whom was prepared to proceed at a higher price than any other.

We successfully sold our property after only two weeks of marketing and promotion.

We were delighted with the result that Lloyd achieved and can r

—Moureen Boyd-Boland / Mosman
Office Location