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Collins Gregory Real Estate, North Ipswich, 4305

Collins Gregory Real Estate

PO Box 2449, North Ipswich, Queensland 4305
Agency Overview
Collins Gregory are specialist Property Managers whose team has over 20 years experience providing clients with professional and efficient service throughout South East Queensland.

We are not interested in being the biggest agency in Ipswich. We DO however want to be the agency that landlords prefer because we communicate and are genuinely interested in the well-being of each property that we manage. The key difference you will experience is service and genuine attention.

We have a small portfolio that allows us to provide a genuine service to each of our investors, tenants and service providers.

We are becoming synonymous within the Ipswich area for delivering outstanding property management. Selecting the best quality tenants, achieving the best possible market rent, ensuring that your property is maintained in excellent condition and providing you with prompt, personalised service all forms part of our service.

We are proud of our independent, professional and progressive reputation and are firmly focused upon providing an exceptional experience by working with our customers, tenants and local service providers.

Real Estate. Delivered together.
Marketing Plan
The key here is that each home is unique and it's marketing should be tailored to suit the home, its features and benefits and it's location.
- Your listing needs to be well presented and on a dominant website which people visit immediately when thinking 'real estate'.
- Quality photos are important as many rental companies still rely on poor quality phone shots (or even photos from a previous agency with old date stamps).
- Social media is an important part of a marketing strategy as it allows for targeting potential renters in specific suburbs relevant to your property.
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