Aaron Peckitt, Beerwah, 4519

Aaron Peckitt


First National Beerwah, Beerwah, 4519

First National Beerwah

68 Simpson Street, Beerwah
Queensland 4519
Agency overview

Speak to anyone who has experienced the PROCESS of buying or selling Real Estate and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of our many goals here at First National Real Estate is to ensure your next move is a positive one
Our company was founded around one simple mission. “To deliver RESULTS that exceed our clients EXPECTATIONS”. We have created ‘Best Practice Systems’ that provide solutions and satisfaction to your most desired wants and needs. At the foundation of our ‘success systems’ is a philosophical shift from being a ‘facilitator’ presenting to a Real Estate Consumer to becoming a ‘catalyst’ for a Real Estate Client to find success in an Industry that for decades has been inefficient and often ineffective.

“Disappointment is the difference between what a client EXPECTS and what the agent DELIVERS”

Our company has thoroughly researched what a client requires from their Agent. What they have told us is that they are craving a ‘professional’ who can ‘listen’ to their individual wants and needs and provide solutions for them!

Marketing Plan

The approach that I take is based on solid market research. I don't look at the properties that are for sale in the area I look at what properties have sold for in the area, as this is the raw data that tells the truth.
I always start with an offers over figure that reflects that price.
Initial overpricing can put these first potential Buyers off and they will look elsewhere, thus lengthening the period of sale and forcing you to review your price downwards to such an extent that you may even receive less than market value.

Most Buyers will only look at properties in their price range, and an overpriced property may fall out of this range for a significant number of these potential Buyers.

A correctly priced property can generate immense interest amongst Buyers who would “rush” to view it in the initial few weeks. If this interest is not generated due to the property being overpriced, these initial Buyers are forever lost, as they do not return even when the price is lowered at a later stage.

In nut shell I want as many potential buyers to come through your property to drive price up (not down) via competition, this method works time and time again with an average selling time of 4 weeks, averaging an increase in the selling price between $5,000 & $25,000


Many thanks for the enthusiasm, energy and patience you brought to the tasks of selling our house – and that was just at the initial meeting. The whole process was conceived and carried through to a successful completion with flair and consummate professionalism. For that we thank you and your wonderful team at First National. Good on you First National for selling our property in 4 days. You are our dream real estate agent!

—Peter / Glass House

I have know Aaron and the team in Beerwah for some years -- the have assisted in buying and selling properties as well as in managing rentals. For someone living in Melbourne it is a comfort to have such a trustworthy group of people in my corner. Well done Aaron. Look forward to continuing to work with you.

—Phillip C / Beerwah

We have had our unit rented through First National for 8 years. After the decision to sell our investment Aaron and his team at First National got us the price we were after on the day it was listed and made the sale hassle free.
We are happy with the service we received and would not hesitate recommending them to a friend.

—Tim And Nina / South Australia
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