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Platinum Realty Group - Ocean Reef, Ocean Reef, 6027

Platinum Realty Group - Ocean Reef

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Agency Overview
Platinum Realty Group is a independent Real estate office situated in Constellation Dr, Ocean Reef . The Office has been operating over 10 years.

Experience and commitment to you

There is a wide spectrum of issues to deal with when you decide to sell your home and possibly the most important is the real estate agent you choose to represent you in the sale of your most valuable material asset. Someone with the necessary negotiation skills and business acumen to get the results you deserve but also someone you can trust and feel comfortable with

Deidre and I understand these concerns and we work as a dynamic team combining our various strengths and talents to form an irresistible force dedicated to excellence and helping you to fulfil your dreams of a brighter future.

In addition to our extensive real estate selling experience both here and overseas, we honed our negotiation, communication and problem solving skills through many years of service in the WA Police Department. Me, as a front line police officer and Deidre as an expChoosing a real estate agent to sell your property can be a difficult decision and one that many people have not had to make before. There are so many real estate agents in the business, each well-versed in presenting the benefits of their services - how do you choose?
In essence, the real estate agent should be an expert negotiator and marketer of property
Marketing Plan
The following suggestions can help sellers in the real estate agent selection process.
1. Local expertise. Choose an agent that demonstrates a sound understanding of local trends and market characteristics.
2. Give yourself choice. When interviewing real estate agents, give yourself time with two or three. The agents should show enthusiasm about selling your property and present you with a clear, step-by-step marketing strategy that shows you their suggestions for the selling of your property.
3. Consider their negotiation style. A real estate agent's negotiation style will be on display during your initial contact as he or she negotiates the commission they will receive upon the successful sale of your property. Those agents who lower their commission quickly and without much debate should be approached with caution - they may be willing to sacrifice your property's sale price just as easily.
4. Consider previous customer testimonials and references. These are an important way to ascertain where the agent has sold before and if the client was happy with the service they received. Some qualities to look for include the agent's honesty, availability and trustworthiness.
5. Trust your instincts. Remember that you will likely be working with your chosen real estate agent closely throughout the sale process - welcoming them into your home and trusting them with a highly valued asset. If you are comfortable with the real estate agent, this will likely increase your chances of a smooth selling process.

The key to a successful sale is the marketing strategy which comprises three important elements: -
• Price
• Method of Sale
• Promotion

There are two considerations with regard to price. Firstly, the price at which the property will be promoted, and secondly, the sale price expectation.

The selling price of the property is determined largely by the collective sentiments of interested buyers, and more particularly, those that negotiate to purchase. There is plenty of information available to property buyers including recent sale data and details of properties currently listed for sale, and it is from this information that buyers will establish their opinion of the value of a particular property. Using detailed knowledge of the market, and by understanding the buyers motivation, a good agent will ensure that the best price possible is achieved.

Consider the following when working with your real estate agent to set an asking price for your property.
1. Location. You can't get away from this one. If your house is located in an area that is in high demand, you should be able to expect a higher price than you could for the same house in a less sought after location.
2. Condition. A home that has been better maintained will most likely sell for more than one which has been neglected and needs repairs.
3. Desirable amenities. If a house has amenities that are currently popular in the market, it should attract a higher price.
Setting the correct pricing strategy is crucial in marketing the property to achieve the best possible outcome. The options are: -
• Fixed price
• Price range
• No price
The pricing strategy is closely linked to the method of sale selected. For example, if the Auction method of sale is chosen, the agent may recommend that no price be advertised, or perhaps a price range. Unlike the fixed price method were buyers negotiate down, the Auction method is predicated on the buyers negotiating up.

Using a no price strategy, the agent seeks to focus on the needs and wants of a particular type of buyer (the target market) who might be attracted to a suburb, or a specific type of property. Upon enquiry, and once the agent has established an understanding of the buyers requirements, the agent will seek to establish a price reference by discussing the market data available.

When using a fixed price, or price range indicator, it is critical to ensure that the promoted price can be supported by recent and current market activity. If the price is too high, interested buyers may not communicate with the agent and the chance to negotiate is lost. Similarly, if the price is set too low, it is very difficult to negotiate a buyer upwards. There are a number of legislative requirements with regard to advertising price - your agent will discuss this with you.

Method of Sale

• Private Treaty

It is important to note that whatever the agent recommends, it is the SELLERS CHOICE as to which method is finally chosen - there may be other circumstances which impact on the sellers choice of sale method.


Private Treaty

In contrast to the Auction method, negotiations are carried out 'in private' between the agent and the buyer. Private treaty usually involves 'fixed price' or 'price range' advertising of the property, however other methods such as Public Tender are another form of private treaty where interested buyers 'tender' up to a 'closing date' - the seller then has the option to accept or reject offered prices.


The agent should articulate the manner in which the property will be promoted in order to attract the interest of the maximum number of qualified buyers - more competition means a better price and conditions.

Firstly, the agent should have the details of currently interested buyers as part of the agent's buyer management process. Secondly, the agent will implement a marketing campaign using appropriate media including print and online to attract the attention of new buyers in the market. Under normal circumstances, the agent should employ a mix of all mediums to ensure the net is cast over the full pool of potential buyers for the property.

It is also helpful to discuss other terms and conditions, such as timing and items that can be included with the sale of the home. Both of these have the potential to make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

Seller Feedback

As your property is placed on the market and prospective buyers start looking at it, they will have views regarding the asking price you have set, the suitability of the property for their purposes and whether they will pursue the purchase further.

It will be up to your real estate agent to follow up with people that visit your property in order to gain their feedback which they will then report back to you for consideration. It is important for you to take this information on board, particularly if there are common themes emerging, and to consider altering your sales approach accordingly.

For example, if numerous buyers report back that the asking price set for the property is way beyond comparable properties also for sale in the area, you may like to consider reducing your expectations in line with such market feedback.

Your real estate agent will be able to advise you on the best ways to approach incorporating seller feedback into your overall marketing plan.


The seller appoints the agent by way of a Listing Agreement.

A listing agreement is a contract between a real estate agent and a seller that grants permission for the agent to offer the property for sale, usually for a fixed period of time. The agreement contains the sellers instructions to the agent with regards to the method of sale and the promotional program including a detailed marketing plan and an agreed budget for advertising and other costs. It will also include any special instructions from the seller such as the inclusions and exclusions and access to the property etc.

It does not give the agent the authority to commit the seller to a sale - the seller is committed to the sale only when the seller signs a contract of sale.

Listing agreements are generally on templates designed by industry bodies and approved by regulatory authorities. Sellers wanting verification that a particular agreement complies with industry standards could seek advice from the local industry

Dee and Adam Peacock were fantastic. I would recommend them to my family and friends

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Very glad we choose Adam and Dee Peacock. Good Luck with Future Sales

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Excellent, friendly, trustworthy service. Dee and Adam went above and beyond for us.

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