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Realway Property Consultants, North Lakes, 4509

Realway Property Consultants

Level 1, Suite 6/5 McLennan Court, North Lakes
Queensland 4509
Agency overview

When choosing RealWay North Lakes to manage your investment property you are choosing a professional property management business that is completely focused on meeting your individual needs and who are committed to change the way property management services have been delivered in the past.

You are choosing the team of experienced professionals and a company that understands what it means to be an investment property owner.

When you chose RealWay North Lakes you are choosing to experience a professional property management service that provide honest, effective communication which is the key to ensuring clients feel comfortable and confident with the progression of their property and therefore build a long lasting, successful relationship with clients.

RealWay Property Consultants North Lakes is a specialist Real Estate Agency that has been established to service the needs of the community by managing investment properties. The staff at RealWay North Lakes understand the need for quality service within the ever changing and progressive Real Estate industry.

Marketing Plan

How we add value to your investment property:
We secure a suitable tenant throughout maximum exposure marketing and tenant screening procedures.
We maximise your rental return by getting you the highest possible rental price per week in the current market.
We communicate with you proactively on all matters relating to your property.
We provide you with accurate, efficient and easy to understand statements.
Our team of experienced property management professionals will always give you direct and honest advice and feedback.

Finding the right tenant efficiently:
Photos are taken of your property and used in all advertising.
A comprehensive description is provided highlighting the features and all inclusions within your investment property.
Your property will be advertised on 8 different websites including the top 2, and
Your property will also be advertised on our rental list which is updated on a daily basis.
Our office will contact our prospective tenant database notifying them that your property is available or becoming available.
A quality high impact FOR RENT sign placed at the property (if approved).
All tenants are escorted through your property by an experienced Leasing Manager.
To minimise risk comprehensive reference and identity checks for all prospective tenants are completed, these include but are not limited to, employment checks, affordability checks, current and previous rental history checks.
Tenants must have all pets approved and listed on the General Tenancy Agreement they will also sign a Pet Lease Agreement agreeing to conditions such as no additional animals, the pet will not be allowed inside the premises, any damage caused by the animal will be made good by the tenant upon request and prior to vacating the premises.

Active management of your property:
Completion of a detailed Entry Condition Report signed by the property manager prior to tenants taking possession of the property, the tenants must return this form within 3 days of moving into the premises.
Collection, receipting and transferring the rent into your nominated bank account by EFT at Mid and End of Month.
Zero tolerance rent arrears management. Please note that we have systems in place to minimise arrears that include but are not limited to daily SMS, emails, phone calls, letters and official notices.
Maintenance of your property is completed by licensed and insured tradespeople at the very best price with the best workmanship.

Proactive communication:
We will advise you of all matters relation to your property, in order to keep you fully informed.
You will receive our newsletter in order to keep you informed of all issues that may affect you as a property owner and investor.

Easy to understand statements:
We will send you detailed statements twice a month that are easy to understand.
We will process Mid and End of Month on the closes business day to the 15th and the last day of each month in order for you to receive your rental funds deposited into your nominated bank account within 24-48 hours.
We will send your statement to you via email and attach any paid invoices for maintenance that you have previously approved.
At the End of Financial Year we will also provide you with a detailed statement listing all income and expenditure for your property throughout the year, saving you hundreds of dollars in accountancy fees.

Regular detailed inspections:
Routine Inspections are completed every 13 weeks, which is 4 times per year and the maximum amount Queensland legislation allows.
We will provide you with regular rent reviews and detailed reports with photos after each and every inspection advising you of any maintenance or recommendations.
After the tenant vacates the premises we will complete a final inspection and do our utmost to ensure that the tenant leaves the property in its original condition (fair wear and tear excepted). We will also advise you at this time of any maintenance that may require attention.

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