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Upfront Realty

29 Webb Ellis Court, Pelican Waters, Queensland 4551
Agency Overview
Your Real Estate Agents on the Sunshine Coast.
Upfront Realty provides one of the most competitive services in the ever changing Sunshine Coast real estate market.
Focussed on customer support, satisfaction and ethics, we offer all of the services our clients would expect from a more traditional shopfront agency. However, delivering our results in a twofold stream of direct customer service and specialist suburb based agents. This gives our clients the competitive edge for buying and selling in today’s technology driven world.
Marketing Plan
Around 87% of people use the internet to search for property, so why would you want your property advertised in your local newspaper?
We ask this question all the time. In today’s world where the internet has just about taken over everything from selling cars, banking and trading shares you have to wonder why an agent would recommend placing your property in a newspaper costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
The fact is there is no real reason when there are alternative compelling reasons. Local advertising is catered for by the “For Sale” board outside your house. Using the board and the internet more than 91% of potential buyers are reached.
At Upfront Realty we do not charge to list your property on the major real estate websites. We will also feature list your property for free for a minimum of 30 days to gain maximum exposure. This is the peak period to find a buyer. We do not charge to place signage at the property, and we do not charge to carry out title searches. This is not a deferred cost; this is a cost we bear. We are that confident of selling your property. Therefore we will reach buyers at no cost to you.
Add to this a flat 2% commission rate you have to ask yourself “what have i got to lose?” The answer to that is simple. Absolutely nothing.
We do not offer false promises with an inflated appraisal just to gain the listing, and we do not fill you full of false hope stating that we think we have a potential buyer in our database that we want to have a look at the property.
Yes these tactics might gain your listing but we prefer to be straight, honest, and upfront in our approach, even if this means losing your business.
With everything to gain and nothing to lose why not call us at Upfront Realty for a no obligation honest appraisal.
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