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Beautique Realty, Springfield, 4300

Beautique Realty

4601 PO Box Street, Springfield, Queensland 4300
Agency Overview
Beautique Realty is your LITTLE Agency on a BIG Adventure. Based in Augustine Heights, our little, local, Property Management team are striving for BIG results!

Director Beau-lea Miller is driven and dedicated in providing you with a specialised Beautique property management experience you will not get anywhere else.

We have the latest and greatest technology, a passionate team and with our personal approach we will achieve BIG results.

Our attention is solely focused on Property Management, we ensure our clients receive individualised service, care and are provided with relevant and up to date information.

Our Commitment to you :
1. We help you... find a tenant matching your needs by private appointment which gives us what we call "the first impression advantage"

2. We help you... have confidence that your Property Manager cares as much about your property as you do; its our 1/100 Beautique business model

3. We help you... achieve the best return on investment. We minimise rent loss, keep your property maintained and act on issues quickly. We leave no stone unturned and actively monitor the local Property market

5. We help you... if things go bad . We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and have excellent results in recovering the unrecoverable. We are the property experts that you want on your side

5. We help you... navigate the minefield of property ownership with over 30 years of combined property experience, knowledge and passion. We are always happy to help in your Property adventure !
Marketing Plan
We know that in today’s big real estate market big advertising is a must!
So, we…
Take quality photos of your entire property
Write detailed descriptions to ensure prospects feel like they are walking through your property before they see it,
Advertise your property on all Australian real estate websites,, domain, and more
Activate a Feature Property for 30 days
Use social media to promote your property to our prospective tenants; Youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram
Use vibrant signage to present your property,

We are big on the tenant selection process
We personally conduct the property viewings
We use Identity verification tools to qualify the applicant
We have access to multiple tenancy databases
We use a 30% ratio affordability calculator
Provide an in-depth Pet Application process (if applicable)
We reject applications that do not meet the needs of the property owners requirements

"A colleague recommended Beau's property management to me as he was impressed with the level of service provided.  I had previously been with two other property management organisations and was extremely disappointed with them.  I was wanting a service that was personal and would keep me informed of current or future issues that needed my attention.  I am so glad I made the switch to Beautique Realty.  Beau regularly keeps in contact with me and even informs me of things she feels are important that I am not aware of.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone.  I would not use anyone else! "

Belinda Tolete / Springfield Lakes, Queensland

We own rental properties in 3 states, and have done so for the last 10 years.  In that time, we have experienced many different levels of service at various price points.  When we found Beau, we learnt that there are reliable property managers that we do not have to constantly chase and can entrust to completely look after our properties.  Beau offers a comprehensive research service which helps us maintain our rental at a competitive rate; she attends to maintenance issues which reduces our risk; and, ensures that the tenants pay their water bills on time.  I wish she could look after all our properties in the other states!

William & Rena Tjio / Armadale, Victoria

“I have utilised Beau for 2 years since moving my portfolio to her from another Real Estate Agent.

Beau is the best property manager I have come across and you will get fantastic value for money from her services. She will always go that extra mile to ensure the property is managed to the above and beyond the required standard. Due to living interstate, I can have peace of mind that I did not get with other Property Managers.

There are two aspects about Beau that have me promoting her services:

Tenant selection; Beau will ensure that the tenants are absolutely up to scratch, she will not put a tenant in your home for the sake of having a tenant, and then three months down the track find that they are not suitable. Her screening and assessment of potential tenants is second to none.

The other aspect of Beau that is rare in a Property Manager is the fact she has her own investment properties. Many Property Managers do not have their own investment properties. They are qui

Brendon Fredericks / Melbourne, Victoria
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