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Carmel Puttyfoot

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Open Doors Real Estate, Doreen, 3754

Open Doors Real Estate

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Agency overview


It's not just important that the person guiding you through a process as emotionally and financially significant as buying or selling property is an expert, but that they also care about their clients and their family’s best interests.​

We strive to minimize your stress as your preferred agent by maximizing your property sale price. We consistently exceed expectations by combining proven strategies, market knowledge, thorough preparation, and skillful negotiation.

It is our sincere desire to provide you with the best possible result and we promise to work tirelessly to make that happen. Thank you for your interest in our brand, and we look forward to being of help to you.

Marketing Plan

Because every home has unique features, we custom design every marketing and sales campaign to match the unique features of your property, to find every possible buyer and achieve the best result. Therefore, we not only offer traditional sales methods but also other sales methods not used by other agents such as:

Openn Negotiation:
Openn Negotiation allows qualified buyers to openly negotiate on price with the advantage of knowing exactly how many real competing buyers there are. It allows buyers to continually improve their price until no further bids are made.

Openn Negotiation encourages buyer participation by allowing buyers with varied terms and conditions (subject to the sellers approval) to participate in the process. More competition helps to push the price of your property up. The Final Bidding Stage of the Open Negotiation process can be brought forward at any time allowing for a shorter term on market.

All buyers are pre-contracted and approved by the seller, meaning you have a realtime indication of how many qualified buyers are placing legally-binding bids, from as early as day one.

Real Estate Sales Online (RESO):
There are 2 main selling points;
* RESO is an online offer platform allowing us to respond to buyer enquiries 24/7.
* Buyers can view any docs and can place an offer on your property on any device where they have an internet connection.

This gives the ability to save precious time in available timing between interested parties as well as admin. We have found a relaxed setting encourages buyers to converse with each other, discuss their interest and place an offer and sometimes increase their offer based on these conversations. Giving buyers the opportunity to offer this way, has seen offers received in all hours of the night and early morning.

Ideally, there will be MULTIPLE offers on your property. When we have this scenario, common complaints from Buyers in our industry are them believing there is genuinely other interest and how much they need to offer to secure the property.

The REBid ranking feature within RESO allows me to rank offers strategically, creating a level of transparency where they can see there are other interested parties and where their offer stands but not what the other offers are.

This creates competition between buyers to maximise your selling price, it also elevates the conversation I can have with them - from convincing them - to instead, working on their offer to ensure it is their highest, best and final. We can instantly create a report to keep you updated as well as completed contract accompanied by a Seller report at the push of a button.

Expressions of Interest:
EOI gathers offers for properties without disclosing the price for which the client is prepared to sell. They are a form of a blind auction where the buyers can’t see other interested parties involved. It can often be used when the purchaser might be known to the client already and is trying to get the highest possible price from the buyer

Private Sale:
Private sale listings are offered with a set asking price or a price range. A private sale allows you time to consider offers by potential buyers and flexibility for negotiation without the time sensitivity of an auction.

As a private sale does not run to a set timeline, your target market have time to absorb and act on the marketing campaign. This allows the time for us to find the right buyer at the right price.

Auction is a very popular method of sale as it creates a sense of urgency by working to a fixed time frame and encourages competitive bidding. As you are working to the auction date it minimises the number of days your home is on the market and as prospective buyers must purchase the home on an unconditional basis they must ensure that they have done their due diligence prior to auction day, this includes things such as building and pest inspections and arranging the required 10% deposit.

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