Craig Thomson, Morphett Vale, 5162

Craig Thomson

Sales Executive

Magain Real Estate, Morphett Vale, 5162

Magain Real Estate

52 Hillier Road, Morphett Vale
South Australia 5162
Agency overview

I admit positioning a ten tonne rock outside our Marion office as a symbol of our commitment to our clients may seem a little extreme.

As a team we decided from day one that nothing was more important to our long term success than the way we interacted with our clients.

It was obvious to us that an outstanding philosophy and culture underpinned every other aspect of the business.

You might think choosing a ten tone monolith would be easy, but it was not. The whole team was involved because it had to look right, feel right and everyone had an opinion on the way the rock should look.

After two days of discussion we finally decided on 'the rock'. Because it had a commitment and brass 'plaque' the quarry kindly donated the rock for free.

I have learnt that there is no such thing as a ‘Free Rock’. The crane and crew of experts who lowered the rock into place obviously didn’t come free. The rain on the day held up traffic on Marion Road and as the boulder swung in the breeze the meter was obviously ticking. We won’t talk about the expense of rearranging the water pipe which fractured when the rock was accidently dropped on it. That’s another story.

But there it was at the end of a day, a ten tonne commitment to our clients, complete with a brass plaque.

Over the years the award winning Magain Rock Solid Warranty has become somewhat of an industry icon.

Ten years down the track, as a team we look back and acknowledge that it was one of the best things we ever did.

The warranty the team discussed originally is still a work in progress and is now recognised as a benchmark for the real estate industry.

The best was yet to come The rock is loved and respected by the whole Magain Team. The fact that we have to walk past the rock daily serves as a constant reminder to each of us of the commitment we have made to our clients and as we say “That commitment is rock solid”.

Marketing Plan

Getting 2 or 3 buyers emotionally connected to your property, therefore creating a competitive environment and when sticking a great agent in the middle of it like myself to leverage that situation, I can then get you a price that is above fair market value.


Overall very happy with service at a stressful time.

—Lucy / Hackham West
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