Dan OReilly, Toowong, 4066

Dan OReilly

NGU Real Estate, Toowong, 4066

NGU Real Estate

Suites 6 & 7/37 Archer Street, Toowong
Queensland 4066
Agency overview

Following the lead from Emil Juresic to be unique and driven, NGU Real Estate is a fast moving and rapidly expanding expert real estate group. We don’t set out to make bold claims or provide unrealistic expectations, we simply ensure that you get the best service available from our experienced team and the right outcomes for your property portfolio.

Whether you’re buying your first home, or selling your twentieth, we’re here for you. Our sales team has experience connecting buyers and sellers at all values.

NGU Real Estate is growing quickly and we’re always on the look-out for the right deals for our clients.

Marketing Plan

NGU real estate is at the forefront of marketing property digitally, we incorporate social media like Facebook and instagram as well as your traditional online portals such as www.realestate.com and www.domain.com. Paper marketing is another strong facet of the sales process and incorporating all these methods gives us great confidence that 100% of buyers searching for property in your area are aware of your home.

Office Location