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Refined Real Estate

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Agency Overview
At refined Real Estate, we genuinely care about every individual client and passionately strive to achieve the best results at all times. We can assist to help you reach all your property goals no matter how big or small. Our award winning team enjoy working together with our clients openly and transparently and have them be involved in every to collectively achieve the best results!

To constantly evolve systems and processes to match the highest level of integrity, ethics and good old fashioned service- provided to our clients.

We will serve our clients best interests at all times in the realization of their goals and dreams by providing expert working partnership advice, savvy real estate knowledge and impeccable industry-leading service.

Through many years of combined experience in all areas of Real Estate Rental, Sales and Investments, we have what we believe is the winning formula to achieve above market results by ensuring every component of the renting or selling process is carefully and meticulously crafted.

We treat our clients the way we like to be treated and above all thrive to achieve the best result and a happy life long client.

In excess of 90% of the Refined Real Estate business is generated from referrals and repeat business from a loyal client base developed since 2006.

A lot of agencies make promises, but Refined Real Estate leads by example with honesty, integrity and hard work focusing on their clients’ best interests at all times.
Marketing Plan
The winning Formula and the 4 P's explained

It is crucial that several key factors are met during the 1st-3rd week of the marketing campaign, to ensure a maximum price is achieved. The importance of these being Presentation, Price, Performance and the Property are explained in this proposal document.

Encapsulate the prime selling period...

Hire an experienced, high performing agent that works to a winning formula with added support of an A class team that thrives on achieving successful results...

You deserve to achieve a premium sale price for your property in any market...

The search

Whilst actively searching for their next ideal property online, prospective buyers generally narrow their search criteria to a select few suburbs which they receive regular emails alerting them of newly listed properties that match their search criteria.
Buyers are also well informed of new listings by property agents via email, text messages and phone, as well as search for suitable properties in newspapers. (Refined Real Estate is on the 2nd page of the real estate section in the Saturday Advertiser which greatly increases the chance of your property being viewed by the minority of buyers that choose this method).

Statistically, an active buyer will likely view their favourite-short listed properties within 1 to 3 weeks with the highest volume of prospective purchasers peaking in the 1st week of the marketing campaign.

Method (Private Treaty/Auction)

Private Treaty

In order to achieve above market results, it’s important to maximise on the opportunity of having a house full of hot prospective purchasers during the first 2 weeks of the campaign!
The formula is explained over in detail in this document. In brief, it’s important to firstly maximise enquiry through effective, high quality, realistic and eloquent marketing.

Certain measures should be considered when preparing your property for the marketplace and if you need any friendly advice, we will gladly assist you with how to best present your property for sale.
A professional stylist can also be of great benefit. If a property is vacant, furniture hire is optional yet recommended to enhance the overall appeal of the property and to help show buyers how they can best make use of living space.

Open Time!

At this point, your property is ready for a VIP show through.
With all enquiries having been qualified and dealt with well during the week, your house should be buzzing full of buyers during the first open! This is the absolute perfect environment to create a sense of urgency amongst all prospects.

This is where it gets exciting!

Your agents’ performance and attitude needs to be at an optimum, vibrantly elite level.
They need to be skilled at negotiating to protect the value, shine with enthusiasm, professionalism, and be well equipped with all of the property details, noting the highlights and knowing the area well to effortlessly answer and questions and queries that may arise during the open for inspections.

There is no price guide set for the VIP open. This is where we generate market feedback, interest and start negotiating to drive all offers to a strong level before they are placed in writing and presented to you.

To drive competition, we advise all potential buyers that there is plenty of interest in the property and a high demand, which will be evident on the day.

We create urgency by mentioning other interest, possible offers and let buyers know there is a strong chance the property may sell before the first official opening with an advertised price guide, and welcome them to submit their offer also.

This entices all interested buyers to come forward with their best offers to ensure they secure the property.

At this point, we are in the prime time for the agent to negotiating a high price as buyers are aware that there are other interested parties, however unaware of what level others are at and can therefore be guided gently to the maximum $ amount possible.
There are many positives of having no price point in the first week of the campaign. If the property isn’t sold within the first weekend, is ensuring that the property is released with an accurate price range that’s in line with the current market to attract a multitude of genuine buyers to the property.

Your agent should now have generated multiple offers for the property, already reached the upper end of the range. A good agent can in some instances exceed the range and achieve a premium for your property.

There are many advantages in having no price point during the first week of the campaign. If the property isn't sold within the first weekend, we have essentially protected the price and have gauged enough market feedback to ensure the property is released to market at the right level.

Buyers are very savvy in this day and age, with many tools available to them online, they can determine a properties approximate value and usually only attend to properties which are priced realistically. When the price is in line with the current market, the property will attract a multitude of genuine buyers for us to work with.

Therefore, the majority of buyers looking in the area will come to inspect the property within week 1 or 2. Numbers will start to decrease from there on to approximately one tenth of the overall buyers remaining in the marketplace.

To achieve above market results, you need to take advantage of this 2 week period when the house is full of hot prospective purchasers and ensure that the 4P’s are addressed to ensure interest levels are soaring.

The 4P’s explained in more detail...

You need to market the property well. Make sure that your blurb of the property is spot on and your descriptive words are eloquent yet making sure you describe the property for what it actually is without over or under selling it in the description. This will help attract the right type of buyer to the property. A happy interested buyer rather than a disappointed, dissatisfied buyer.

Photography is also very important and a part of presentation. Make sure that you have taken care of any easy fix cosmetic works to the property that are within your budget offcourse. It is important to De clutter the property as much as possible to the point of even hiding some furniture and personal possessions in the garage or even storage as a last resort.

If the property is vacant, furniture hire is at times recommended in order to show off the homes best living areas. We have 2 very good photographers that can help you achieve your goals.


Prospective purchasers of this day and age are computer savvy and can easily research recent sales statistics online which will also show them many internal photographs helping them decide what a fair price is to pay. They can also access programs which tell them approximate values of properties thus making buyers well equipped with facts. This is why it is very important to price your property in line with the current market. I personally like to either put no price on the property for the first week to gage market feedback and then hit the market with the right price. A range works best with most properties a sweetener on the bottom and then leaving enough room for your professional agent to negotiate the highest price!


This is where your Real Estate Agent needs to shine.
Their attitude needs to be enthusiastic, genuine and approachable. as well as firm and experienced when it comes to reading/ qualifying the buyer and negotiating the best price. Experience is important, as is energy. I have been in the industry for over a decade and posses both the experience and the energy to deliver.


If the property sound (and there is always a solution to every challenge) for example this could mean structurally, the surrounding area of the property & location, not in an area of danger e.g contaminated soil etc.

If these are all in line and executed correctly, there is a good chance that you will achieve above market results and do it all within the first 1-3 weeks.

Sales Strategy (continued)


There also are many advantages in selling your property via the auction method. The auction process can also be described as a 3 phase marketing campaign.

Throughout the 3 week campaign, we generally do not disclose a price guide and hand out recent sales data to any prospective buyers whom would like an indication of price
The benefit of a 3 phase marketing campaign

Phase 1

The 3-4 week period leading towards the Auction
If any offers are received prior to the AUCTION, they need to be under auction terms and conditions (cash unconditional offers- e.g not subject to finance, the sale of another property and there is no cooling off period as buyers are to waiver their cooling off rights by a solicitor.

Phase 2

The Auction

We work closely and nurture all buyers leading to the auction, keeping their interest levels at an ultimate high!
All that is needed on the day is 2 or more emotional buyers to outbid each other and a brilliant auctioneer to get them to where they need to be. This is another recipe for a premium, above market result.

Phase 3

If the property doesn’t reach the Vendors reserve price and gets passed in on the day of the auction, don’t be alarmed as the property normally sells within a week following the auction. This is due to all buyers coming forward that had conditions attached to their offers.
Another benefit is that we haven’t damaged the price and have gauged the market feedback which will enable us to release the property with the perfect price guide. This will generate interest, drive competition and increase our chances of selling for a good price.

In Conclusion

I am excited and look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and answering any questions that you may have regarding the marketing and sales process.

At Refined Real Estate, we strongly believe that a good agent is a part of your profit as they will negotiate a high, above market price for your property. It actually works out that the agents service ends up free as a result plus you could end up with allot more as a result of choosing a good agent. Whereas an average or inexperienced agent can be a very costly mistake.

We look forward to meeting with you and sharing some of our success stories of how we have broken sales records all over the state and continue to do so on a frequent basis.

I am extremely passionate about the industry and delighted to provide you with elite real estate service to assist you you in achieving all of your short and long term real estate goals.

I am confident that by working together we can achieve the best result and look forward to meeting with you.

Kind regards,
Daniel Care
Refined Real Estate
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