Daniel Fitzpatrick, Sydney, 2000

Daniel Fitzpatrick


Elevate Property Group, Sydney, 2000

Elevate Property Group

608/250 Pitt Street, Sydney
New South Wales 2000
Agency overview

Your Investment. Our Priority

With a team of Directors enjoying over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, combined with a footprint through the Eastern Suburbs and inner city - our 'owner focused, results driven team have proven time and again that our strategic, boutique approach to your investment is the key to maximizing returns and ensuring an ongoing, mutually beneficial partnership.

Essentially, we work with owners looking to maximize their property returns, minimize their operational costs, and alleviate the burden of selling or leasing their properties - with our fit-for-purpose, strategic approach that we tailor and manage to suit their needs.

With a transparent, tailored approach to meeting your requirements - Elevate Property Group ensure you have a director of the business managing your investment - our passion for property and drive for results has shown this is the most tactical and effective approach to realizing your property goals.

Your property means more at Elevate.

Marketing Plan

We would love to market your home for sale and in parallel help you achieve your goals with the property. In practical terms,

• You will have a dedicated team of two directors (Daniel F and Daniel B) talking directly to buyers and undertaking all follow up – critically – we will be negotiating to get you the maximum price for the property.
• Operational efficiencies will be complimented by our counterpart Sharon Wong – undertaking the streamlining and coordination of various operational requests throughout the process.
• We will undertake a schedule of Open Home inspections mid-week and on Saturday, in parallel to ‘inspections by appointment’.
• Our strategic marketing campaign, coupled with our buyer database and local prospecting - will complement the web, social media, and other initiatives outlined in our full proposal.

We are very honoured that you’ve given us the opportunity to discuss the sale of your home – we would be even more honoured to demonstrate our capability in selling it on your behalf. Please get in touch if you have any questions and above all else – here’s to achieving the best result for your property!

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