Daniel Gibbs, Little Mountain, 4551

Daniel Gibbs

Sales Executive

@realty - Little Mountain, Little Mountain, 4551

@realty - Little Mountain

27 Raintree Raintree Boulevard, Little Mountain, Queensland 4551
Agency Overview
I am a local Sunshine Coast agent that responds to inquiries about your home in a professional, courteous manner. A call on your home never goes to a "duty" agent, or my assistant as often happens in a traditional company.
I personally determine the qualification of potential buyers and then focus on promoting your home if it meets their needs. Through personal contact and numerous conversations, I can also show you innovative ideas of how to make your home appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

Mission Statement:
* To always act in the best interests of my clients, they will always come first and I will place the clients' concerns ahead of my own in each and every transaction.
* I am dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships! My philosophy ensures everybody’s needs are important to me.
* I will not bend the truth to make a sale; I will not mislead any client in the market value of their home.
* For every single client and customer, I will work as hard as I can to help them achieve their dreams.
* I believe that working hard at something you love to do, with people you trust, is one of the greatest experiences in life.
* I love to help my customers find a home that can become a happy home.
* To make the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service and providing you accurate and up-to-date information skilled analysis and sound real estate advice.
* To continually explore new ideas and technology, to make the selling and buying of real estate faster, less costly, and stress free.
Marketing Plan
• Setting the right price for your home
• Use contemporary marketing methods to showcase your property's best features
• Making small improvements to achieve a big difference.


Marketing strategy which comprises three important elements: -
• Price
• Method of Sale
• Promotion
It doesn’t matter if you are marketing a $300,000 home or a multi million-dollar home; all properties should get the same professional attention. Presenting a property regardless of its list price is important for three reasons:
1. You will attract more buyers to the home.
2. It will catch the eye of buyer
Property-specific websites are available, yet they haven’t caught on so much

Professional photography is imperative.
Each listing, no matter the price point, should utilise professional photography.
Photographs draw people in or will turn people away. Professional photographs can be used online, featured on the company website, on a personal website, on a multitude of Internet platforms, and utilised extensively in social media, as well as in brochures, fliers, blogs, postcards, editorials and a variety of print advertising, marketing, branding and more.

Print marketing should not be overlooked.
Print marketing utilising professional photography is vital and Just listed postcards. Print marketing is also critical to reach those who do not use the Internet. Some buyers for instance, do not email or surf the Web, so print is still important, alive and well, even in today’s high tech-world.

Internet marketing is a must.
A well-presented online presence is key to reaching the masses, enough to intrigue and interest your audience so that they linger a little longer, share the information, or message and visit again.

The selling price of the property is determined largely by the collective sentiments of interested buyers, and more particularly, those that negotiate to purchase.
There is plenty of information available to property buyers including recent sale data and details of properties currently listed for sale, and it is from this information that buyers will establish their opinion of the value of a particular property. Using detailed knowledge of the market,
Understanding the buyer’s motivation, a good agent will ensure that the best price possible is achieved.
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