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Agency overview

Listening to you and your needs is important to us.

Years of research have shown there are usually a number of main objectives people are looking to achieve when selling a property. Defining which category or combination of these is needed can greatly assist in the process of establishing the most suitable strategy in order to sell your home.
You may want to think about using these questions if interviewing multiple agents.
1. What do you know about your agent? Do they have a National presence?
2. Where will my buyers come from?
3. How will my home be marketed and how much will it cost me?
4. What are the Internet and digital capabilities of the agency?
5. How will the right buyers be found and how will the highest price be achieved?
6. Which method of sale should I choose and why?
7. Am I locked into your agency even if they aren’t doing the right job?
8. What happens when a buyer looks through my home and makes an offer?
9. How long does it take to get my property on the market?
10. What are the next steps and what do I need to do to get my property ready for sale?
ProWealth will be happy to go through each question with you and outline a strategy on how you can achieve the best possible price in the shortest time frame.

Marketing Plan


Selling property at auction has never been more popular than it is today,
as it’s the best way to achieve top market value in highly sought after areas.
Auction is also a fast and highly ef cient method of sale that gives you, the Vendor, much greater control over all aspects of the selling process. This increased level of control ensures that you retain greater peace of mind during what is one of the most important stages in your life. The LJ Hooker team has effectively streamlined the auction process to maximise choice for the vendor and to ensure the very best possible result on auction day by tailoring each campaign to suit your individual home and your own specific needs.
To put it simply, there are some very important reasons why auction is one of the most popular ways to sell in your area. At a glance, they are:
• Greater control over the sale, as the property can be sold prior, or on the day, or after auction.
• Maximum exposure to the market.
• A contract for sale to suit your own personal terms, not the buyer’s.
• A sale method specically geared towards exceeding the asking price, which you and only you can set. • A selling atmosphere built on urgency and competition.
• A secure sale on the assigned auction date.
• Choice of ‘In Rooms’ and ‘On site’ auctions.


Under this method you may choose to use marketing terms such as - ‘New to Market’, ‘Offers Over’, ‘For Sale’ or simply a ‘Fixed’ asking price.
While we certainly do encourage selling by auction for the reasons stated above, we also recognise that auction is by no means the best way to sell in all situations. To ensure that each and every client receives the service and results they deserve, the The LJ Hooker team remain adept at selling property using all methods, including traditional Private Treaty.
Sale by Private Treaty may be less dramatic in a sense than auction, but it does have its own inherent bene ts to the seller. They include:
• Ample time to consider any offers on your property.
• The sale of your home is not restricted by time and may continue inde nitely, which is ideal for those who are in no hurry to move.
• Potential purchasers make offers in relation to your asking price.

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