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Daphne Harrip


Rental Results Pty Ltd - TOOWONG, QLD, Bardon, 4065

Rental Results Pty Ltd - TOOWONG, QLD

59 Lugg St, Bardon
Queensland 4065
Agency overview

I wanted to let you know a little bit more about us and what makes us better and different to the standard property management business out there ...

Our Commitment - Our Commitment Statement - this outlines what we commit to for you and your rental property success and in turn what we ask you to commit to with us, inside a positive, successful working relationship that sees your asset giving you the best return possible.

Here are a few highlights for you too ...

Our Guarantee - One thing that is really important to point out is our Service Guarantee - it's simple yet powerful.

We’re confident we’ll deliver the service you’ve been promised, in fact, we usually exceed expectations ... We're so confident that if you’re not satisfied with our performance, simply let us know and we’ll manage your property for 3 months free.

Our Understanding & "Get it Factor" - We are property investors AND property managers. In fact, it was my passion for investing in property and the need for great property management, which I saw lacking massively, that led me to start in the property management industry over 18 years ago. As a landlord myself, my team and I completely "get it", we know how important property management is to generating the best possible returns from your asset, while protecting your asset. In fact, we treat your property as if it was ours ...

Our Expertise - The Rental Results team has a combined experience of 64 years in property management. We are quite literally experts in this space and what's even more important - unlike many Property Managers who are at best transient in this industry, this is our committed career. The average property manager moves on every 6 months! In a 6 month timeframe, they are never going to be able to get to know you or your property, it's ideal tenants, pricing and marketing - most leave Landlords with the experience of not caring and having one foot out the door because they usually do!

Marketing Plan


We invest in the latest technology such as 360 degree virtual tours to ensure the exposure to the market is maximised
Social media advertising, we target the demographic of tenant that is likely to rent your property through a Facebook campaign
We provide 2D and 3D floor plans to ensure tenants are more qualified
We also provide a virtual furniture option which enhances the tenants experience and allows a tenant to envision their perfect living space.
This includes advertising on realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, rent.com.au, rentfind.com.au, onthehouse.com.au, rentbuy.com.au, homely.com.au, homehound.com.au and on our website: rentalresults.com.au
Utilising upwards of 8 professional photographs including location shots if suitable
Increased advertising to a highlight listing on realestate.com.au which means your property sits above standard and feature listings. This will generally attract 3 times as many enquiries

We employ a Leasing Manager and Leasing Assistant whose entire job is solely to ensure your property is not vacant. Our Leasing Manager conducts same day viewings, you will receive a video update and report after each inspection as well as a comprehensive update each week as to strategies we should implement in order to rent your property.
We utilise a program called Inspect Real Estate which is an online booking system so that tenants are able to book their own inspection times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As tenants need to register for an inspection, we can look ahead and know how many prospective tenants are confirmed to inspect your property and we are able to use this information to tailor a strategy to reduce the vacancy period.
We have a prospective tenancy database and when we initially list your property for rent all tenants that match the search criteria for your property will automatically be alerted and sent a link to your property as well as information on how to book an inspection.

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