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Savoy Real Estate -Blackburn, Blackburn, 3130

Savoy Real Estate -Blackburn

11 Blackburn Road, Blackburn
Victoria 3130
Agency overview

Savoy is a boutique agency that provides the expertise and the commitment to service that all clients and potential clients deserve from and expect of a real estate agent.

To us, relationships are the most important aspect of any business. We strongly believe that quality relationships in real estate are what drives the business and ensures that our client base is strong and trusting of us. By doing so, we are able to provide a 5 star service that always ensures we look after our clients with their best interests at the front of our minds.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience between us, both in the local area and surrounds, we are able to expertly manage any property sale or rental regardless of its location.

Our vision is to constantly build and develop the business with a structure that allows us to constantly thrive to improve its levels of excellence within the real estate industry. In doing so, we believe this will consistently increase our standard of work and service we provide to our clients and the general public.

At Savoy, we understand that no property is the same. Every property we come across will have its own perks, aspects and challenges. No challenge is too big for Savoy and we will always endeavour to achieve the best result for all parties involved.

Marketing Plan

At Savoy Real Estate, we combine your marketing campaign with an in-depth promotion targeted towards a vast number of registered buyers we currently have in our database. We also use social media advertising to promote your property to local buyers who are looking to purchase in your area. This ensures that we leave no stone unturned in maximising the sale price for your property.

We work extremely hard to ensure that the best price is achieved for your property. We will always provide buyer feedback and also advise on any changes or additions to marketing that may be required throughout the campaign. We will only provide you with the facts and always keep you updated at all times to make sure that you are always aware that you are important, your property is important and that we care.


My wife and I have been fortunate enough to avail ourselves of David Hooper's skills as an Estate Agent on a few occasions, but this is the first time through his new Savoy Real Estate endeavour. Every time we have followed David's recommendations regarding marketing & staging we have come out ahead. FAR ahead of what we had hoped for. Selling a house can be a harrowing experience, and David has always been true to his word, and reliable with follow-up phone calls keeping us up to date with the progress of negotiations. Just what is needed to keep your nerves at ease. Certainly, Savoy has saved us a significant sum of money in comparison to the commissions that are usually charged by other agents, but hasn't left us feeling that we missed out on anything, either. We cannot recommend David and Savoy Real Estate highly enough. They have our complete confidence.

—Michael George / 2 Willard Way, Chirnside Park

Words like Professional, Trustworthy, Ethical, Hardworking, Reliable are terms rarely used when describing today's Real Estate profession in Melbourne - right? Well I can honestly say that given my personal experience of dealing with David Hooper, he has all of these qualities in spades. I was a very successful Real Estate Agent in The UK for 16 years and personally sold over 3,000 properties so I know what it takes to succeed and to provide Vendors and Purchasers with a good service. And to cap it all, David's fee structure is very reasonable where he only charges you for services delivered. So yes, David is a rare breed and I would highly recommend him

—Malcolm Hamilton / 65 Frank Street, Eltham

There are not many decisions you make in life that have truly long term ramifications. Buying and selling a house is certainly one of them as the financial consequences of this transaction are with you for decades. Finding the right agent to facilitate this process is therefore of huge importance. There were a number of reasons we decided on Savoy Real Estate, foremost was the recommendation of a local conveyancer we knew and trusted who had used David before. Second was David himself, it didn’t take us long to realize that he knew what he was talking about and that he was an experienced agent. He also impressed us a great deal with his openness and honesty, he didn’t over exaggerate or indulge in ‘spin’ and the logic of how his business model works for vendor, purchaser and agent struck us as advantageous for all concerned. No-one minds paying a fair days pay for a fair days work, conversely no-one likes being over-charged. In our opinion charging 2 to 2.5% commission on an investment that takes decades to pay off for a few hours work is over charging. The reality, however, is that this has to be weighed up against an agent’s ability to get a good price. What use is there saving a few thousand in fees if you lose tens of thousands by not getting a good price? In both regards Savoy Real Estate exceeded our expectations. We paid about half the fee that we would have with a standard commission structure and we sold our property for $50,000 more than the median for our area and $30,000 more than a superior property that sold across the road from our house. Initially we had a few reservations about Savoy’s hourly rate model, how long would it take to sell and would communication lines be hampered by our reticence to be charged a fortune every time we picked up the phone. In both cases these concerns were unfounded, we sold the property for a great price in ten days and David only charged us for campaign time and not for every conversation we had. Highly recommended.

—Travis Easton / Belmont Road East, Croydon South
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