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VIP Consulting Real Estate, St Kilda East, 3183

VIP Consulting Real Estate

269A Carlisle Street, St Kilda East, Victoria 3183
Agency Overview
The VIP Consulting Property Advocates team have over 50 years of combined experience in the property industry which has given us solid platform to provide specialised and tailored services to suit individual needs, requirements and budgets.

We have no affiliations with any real estate agents, developers or builders, giving our clients exclusive, impartial and independent advice, alleviating any conflict of interest.

Whether you're selling your home or investment property, ready to purchase your first home, next home or investment or are about to become a landlord or tenant of ours - we will be there every step of the way ensuring complete satisfaction.

We also offer our Exclusive Vendor Advocates Service.

Why Exclusive Vendor Advocates?
“Taking the legwork and guesswork out of selling”
Years of experience in the real estate industry, sales, property management and auctioneering, has given Exclusive Vendor Advocacy a platform to provide specialised services, safeguarding your property transactions.
We tailor our services to individual needs. From advice on when is the best time to sell, to ascertaining true value of the home; which selling method is the best in this current market, to how much should you spend on advertising and targeting the right demographic.
So who do you trust selling your property? The agent that gives you the highest price? Do you go with the biggest agency who may be too busy to give the time and effort required to service you and the prospective buyers? For many people it’s their biggest asset, and the single most important transaction they will undertake in their life!
At Exclusive Vendor Advocacy we ask all our prospective clients – “Can you afford to undersell your home?”
Marketing Plan
Our aim is to achieve the very best result for our vendors

Our mission is to assist our vendors step by step on the best way to market, coordinate and negotiate the sale of their property to ensure it sells for the highest possible price, best terms and conditions - and in most cases we achieve 10% better result than if you were to use an agent alone. From choosing the right agent, right selling method, and right marketing strategies for your home, we are the protective buffer between our vendors and the selling agent, so well informed decisions are made at every turn, and ensuring a better bottom line.
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