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David Watt

Sales Consultant

Madeleine Hicks Real Estate, Everton Park, 4053

Madeleine Hicks Real Estate

2/6 Trouts Road, Everton Park
Queensland 4053
Agency overview

What makes Madeleine Hicks Real Estate stand out from the rest?

1. We are connected in the community, we strive to be involved with as many community activities, giving back to the community is a huge part of who we are. We are here to help not just in real estate but with every day needs.

2. Our special buyer system.

Every buyer who contacts our office or agents is logged in our data base with their email address, contact details and what type of property they are looking for. Allowing us easy access to match buyers to the home they are looking for.

3. Buyers Agent.

Madeleine Hicks Real Estate has just recently employed a buyer specific agent, their job is to match buyers to properties we have for sale and help them purchase the properties.

4. Technology.
We use the latest technology to make your property stand out from the rest, high quality photos, Drones and property videos are all available to advertise the best qualities of your property. Just ask.

5. The Internet.

Your buyer can be anywhere in the world, with 1000’s of properties for sale just in Brisbane, it is essential we target as many buyers as possible, we advertise on 13 different real estate portals not just Realestate.com and Domain.com

6. Working with a boutique Agency.

Yes some agency boast about their selling power with how large the corporation is the truth is that larger a company the more disconnected with people they can become. At Madeleine Hicks Real Estate, we work closely with buyers and sellers alike to get a true understanding of their needs. Being a smaller agency allows us to custom tailor a program that suits our seller’s needs and gives you an option to choose how we best represent your property.

Marketing Plan


Internet Advertising-
Buyers everywhere now are internet savvy; there isn’t many people in the market that don’t use the internet to search for a property to buy. There is only one buyer for every property and if you personally don’t have an interest in the internet, more and more people are using technology to solve their business needs.

We advertises on a number of 13 different Internet portals including Realestate.com and Domain.com. The biggest expense for the marketing proposal is the Realestate.com.au Advert. Your property would be advertised on here using a Highlighted Property; the second biggest ad available for advertising, your property would be seen to the top of all the searches, allowing more people to view your home.

B4 Real Estate/ Sneak Peak Emails

This is the first system we use to notify buyers the instant a property is available.
B4 real estate has a data base of buyers looking for properties all through Brisbane. Once you give me the “Green light” to go, I list your property on the B4 App on my phone and it will be sent out to their data base of buyers looking for a property like yours.
Sneak peek emails is a data base of active buyers who have signed up to receive our weekly email with any new properties that are listed for sale. This is used before we launch your home on any major real estate portals

Facebook and Google AD words

With the ever growing popularity of Face Book, we are able to direct market to buyers looking for properties in your area. Gone are the days of waiting for someone to view your home online, with sponsored ads on face book we can target buyers and investors all over the country who are looking to buy. Google Ad words increases the chances of buyers viewing your property, for small investment we can make your property show up as one of the first links when searching for a property on google that meets your criteria.

Buyer Data base
Not a day goes by that our team aren’t talking to active buyers in the market. All our properties for sale at Madeleine Hicks Real Estate are available in our data base at easy access for all the sales team to refer onto any particular buyer they have been in contact with.

A sign will be erected on your home within 24 hours of you giving me the “green light” to proceed. Our signs stand out and are recognizable all over Brisbane.

Open Homes
Open days are an integral part of the marketing strategy of Madeleine Hicks Real Estate. Buyers are free to walk through the home and take their time. Madeleine Hicks Real Estate maximizes the effect of these days with high quality brochures and signs directing buyers to the property. All Visitors are asked to sign in at every property and contacted after the open day for their comments and these will be relayed onto you.

Property Brochures
Your home is your most valuable assets and we like to do it the justice it deserves by presenting the information in a professional manner. These Brochures are available at all open homes and property inspections.

Team Inspections
It is most important to all of our sales team to see your home so they can relay the information to their buyers, and also be familiar with the ins and outs so they can handle and enquiry to it. We would ask the team to view your home the day and time of the photos.

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