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Agency overview

How can you pocket up to $11,000 or more—extra, from the sale of your home ?

Let me explain…

You see, the median price of a home in Melbourne today is around $718,000. At a 2.2% average commission rate, vendors are paying around $15,800 in sales commission, plus probably 1.1% in advertising, or $7,900—for a total of around $23,700.

So it’s now costing around $23,700 to sell a median priced home in Melbourne!

I don’t know about you but I’d really object to sacrificing that much tax free capital gain on a home, just to get it sold.

Think about it another way. Depending on your tax bracket, to replace that $24,000 “loss” you would probably have to earn round $37,500 to $43,000 extra income from your job!

So, in real terms, the cost of selling a medium priced home in Melbourne is more like $37,500 to $43,000 !

That’s a big incentive to seriously consider a different strategy and avoid sacrificing such a huge amount of money.

What’s the solution?

Drawing on the experience of 12 years in real estate and overseeing the sale of more than 800 homes, I’ve put together a service that helps you get a bigger slice of the money that comes from your sale. Up to $11,000 or more—extra, goes into your pocket! And even more if the value of your home is above the median price in Melbourne.

It’s called The Alphen Advantage

The Alphen Advantage is a 4-step plan to give you the maximum return from the sale of your home

Here’s how it works…

Step 1:

Come to dinner!

A unique feature of The Alphen Advantage is that before I come to your home and offer to be appointed your real estate agent, you’re first invited to my home for a pot-luck dinner and a chat about what you’d like to achieve with the sale of your home (and the purchase of your next home, if that’s what you’ll be doing).

Let’s sit down, get to know each other, have something to eat—and take it from there. How does that sound?

After all, if you’re thinking about handing an estate agent the keys of your home, putting your faith and trust in them to sell perhaps your single biggest financial asset, and committing to pay them thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to work for you, isn’t it important that you get to know them a bit?

In order for you to have the best experience of selling your home, it’s absolutely essential that you have complete confidence and trust in the person who’s going to do the work for you.

I’d welcome the opportunity to have you come to my home in Hawthorn, and get to know a little more about me, so you can be in the best position to decide if you’d like to work with me.

Making a decision simply on a 30-minute presentation done in your living room is unlikely to tell you enough about any agent to give you much certainty about the choice you’re making.

Talking to someone in their home setting gives you a much better picture of who they are, their personality, character, ways of behaviour, and ethics.

When you come to my home, you’ll learn about who I really am and whether I’m the person you’ll be happiest working with.

I’m only making this offer open to Boroondara residents, and there’s a limited number of opportunities I can make available—so let’s catch up soon. Ring now on 8618 6869

( I enjoy cooking, so it won’t be any trouble! )

Step 2:

Opt-in to our Skills Course called, “Practical Real Estate Skills for Consumers”

We’ll show you how to cut up to 50-70% off the time it usually takes to prepare yourself for getting your home sold, and buying your next one.

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into the sale (or purchase) of a home—many things need to be considered and issues worked out. Such as...
- Is it a good time to make a move? What’s the market doing? What’s our home worth? What are our financial options? Should we sell by auction or private sale? What exactly should we look for in our next home? How do we control our selling costs? And so on.

It’s not un-common for people to spend 100-200 hours working out all the issues involved in selling and buying, while trying to fit it into a busy life—often resulting in pressure and stress. With the right skills you can have a plan in place in much less time (often 50-70% less), that works for you—and provides excellent peace of mind.

As part of The Alphen Advantage we’ve developed a 22-hour online skills course, “Practical Real Estate Skills for Consumers” to quickly and fully equip you with the skills and the knowledge you need to ensure you get every dollar due to you when you sell!

What you’ll learn:
• The 4 biggest mistakes people make when selling or buying homes—and how to protect yourself
• The most powerful secret for eliminating stress in a sale or purchase
• What’s going to work best for you, an auction or a private sale
• How to do your own Market Appraisal and KNOW what your home is worth
• How to add value to your home with profitable cosmetic enhancements— improvements that return $2 for every $1 you spend
• How to plan your sale or purchase so you stay in control —all the way
• How to find the perfect home, fast—and avoid “inspection burnout!”
• How to make moving a fun and trouble-free experience
• How to get on top of sales commissions, legal costs, advertising expenses, etc.
• How to take vital precautions before signing a Purchase Contract

Your own blueprint for success

When you’ve completed the course you’ll have worked out your blueprint for success in selling and buying you can then confidently implement to achieve the outcome you want.

And you’ll get unlimited 15-minute tutoring sessions by phone from an Alphen trainer throughout the course. We recommend doing 4 hours of study per week, so that you complete the course in 5 ½ weeks. But you can take less, or more time if you wish, while still taking 50-70% off the time it usually takes to prepare, on your own, for getting your home sold, and buying your next one.
When you’ve successfully completed the course you’ll qualify for a reduction of up to 50% on commissions and advertising costs from Alphen Real Estate that helps you get a bigger slice of the money that comes from your sale. Up to $11,000 or more—extra, goes into your pocket!

Depending on your tax bracket, to have a spare $11,000 after tax you’d need to earn an extra $16,920 - $19,980 from your job!

So, in real terms, what’s the potential return on the 22 hours you spend doing the Practical Real Estate Skills for Consumers course? $16,920 to $19,980 divided by 22 hours, means you’re “earning” the equivalent of around $770 to $900 per hour for every hour you spend doing the course!

What a fantastic return on your time! There’s never been a better opportunity than this for getting more money from the sale of your home—tax free!

What’s your financial investment in the course?

It would be fair to charge $2,000 for teaching you these skills, that save you $11,000 and leave you with a gain of $9,000 — wouldn’t you agree?
And soon we will be charging $2,000 - but for a limited time we’re not going to charge you $2,000 and we’re not even going to charge you $1,000 or even $500. Your only financial investment is a minimal $95.

Satisfaction Guaranteed—or Your Money Back

If within 30 days of starting the course you aren’t absolutely delighted with what you’re learning and the benefits you’re getting, just let us know and we will refund every cent you’ve paid in course fees—guaranteed.

Extra Bonus: You receive 100% credit for the course fee against sales commissions

When you do the Practical Real Estate Skills for Consumers course, and you also engage Alphen Real Estate to sell your home, we will credit 100% of the course fees you paid against the commission we earn from the sale. That way you’ll get up to the full $11,000 or more—extra, in your pocket! And the course ends up costing you not one cent!

Limited number of courses available

The number of courses available is limited, so you must act promptly to avoid disappointment and the possibility of losing out on up to $11,000 or more—extra, into your pocket from the sale of your home.

Ring now on 8618 6869

Step 3:

Join the team – how we work together

The goal of The Alphen Advantage is to get you the maximum returns from the sale of your home and to help you save time and effort.

We do that by asking you to join the team by first doing our skills course, Practical Real Estate Skills for Consumers. You are then involved in every decision, and take on some of the tasks that need to be done to market and sell your home successfully. This reduces our costs and makes the process faster and more efficient for us as well. The savings we make from you being on our team, are then passed back to you in the form of lower fees. So you get the maximum benefit!

Your two service options:

You have a choice of two ways we can work with you on the sale of your home (and the purchase of your next home, if that’s applicable). These are the Alphen Advantage service or the Alphen Premium Advantage service—both put extra money in your pocket!

Advantage Plus

You pocket up to $8,000 or more—extra, from the sale of your home.

With this service we take care of everything, including Buyer Inspections, negotiating with buyers and closing the deal.

For this we charge around 1.65% sales commission and around 0.5% for advertising.

Premium Advantage

With our Premium Advantage service you pocket up to $11,000 or more—extra, from the sale of your home.

With this service you play a more active role in Buyer Inspections, and this frees up even more of our time to concentrate on negotiating with buyers and closing the deal.

We charge around 1.1% sales commission and around .5% for advertising.
Comparison between Alphen’s Premium Advantage, and the Industry Average selling costs:

Let’s have a look at what it all adds up to, on say, a median priced home in Melbourne.

Premium Advantage selling costs Industry Average selling costs
Sale Price $718,000 $718,000
Commission 1.1% = $7,898 2.2% = $15,796
Advertising 0.55% = $3,947 1.1% = $7,898
Legal, etc. $1,500 $1,500
Total est. cost $13,347 $25,194

The difference is you pocket over $11,000 more – when you choose Alphen's Premium Advantage!

And your savings are even bigger if your home is worth more
than the median price of $718,000 for a home in Melbourne

Step 4:

Making it happen!

As a fully trained and equipped team we are now ready to go into action on the sale of your home and the purchase of your next one.

The Alphen Advantage Online Dashboard

To bring it all together, we give you access to our Alphen Advantage Online Dashboard where together we’ll monitor and manage the action steps you worked out when you did our course, “Practical Real Estate Skills for Consumers.”

With the Alphen Advantage Online Dashboard, you can see every task in your timeline, what’s to be done, what’s in progress, what tasks you need to do, and when. It is also where you will find the paperwork - letters, documents, contracts etc., online, on your computer, iPad or smart-phone—24/7.

Expert advice and assistance all the way

We also provide you with information, advice and assistance on everything; from preparing your home for sale to your final packing and moving. We work with you as a team in fully open and transparent collaboration. So you stay in control and are completely up-to-date all the way through.

Our agreement with you

At this point you’ll have the opportunity to engage us by signing a Sale Authority appointing Alphen Real Estate to conduct the sale. We DON’T lock you into an exclusivity period of 60 or 90 days, which most real estate agents require. With Alphen’s Sale Authority you have the option of ending it at any time prior to a sale being made. This gives you absolute confidence that you are always in control of the process.

Inspections – open house or by appointment

You choose what type of inspections you prefer – either open for inspection or inspections by appointment.

Inspections by appointment can give you more control over who comes through your home, and can be grouped to limit the number of times during the week inspections are held. A genuinely interested buyer will always come and look—regardless of which form of inspection you offer.

If you’ve chosen our Advantage service, we’ll conduct all the inspections for you and work with the interested buyers to close the sale.

If you’ve chosen our Premium Advantage service, you’ll be arranging for a trusted friend or relative to conduct the inspections, and provide us with the names and phone numbers of people who attend.

We’ll then follow up and work with the interested buyers to close the sale.

The sale campaign:

Your Alphen sale campaign will include our “No-Frills Advertising package.

We’ve learned from experience with over 800 home sales that increasing the amount of money you spend on advertising won’t guarantee a higher selling price of your home. That’s why we recommend our “No-Frills” Advertising, which includes online advertising and an (optional) print brochure and photo board.

Online ads
We believe that online ads offer the best value for money. They have a wider distribution than traditional shop fronts or print ads, and are searchable, distributed via email/SMS to subscribers, are in full colour and accessible to prospective buyers on their computer, tablet or phone, 24 hours a day.

We ensure that your property is listed on the most popular websites and your online ad includes the key facts, including the home’s location, price range, what accommodation it offers, etc. There’s no need to spend extra on fancy bells and whistles, we know that with the right details in the ad, if the home matches the needs of a prospective buyer, they will come and have a look.

Print materials
Our “No-Frills” Advertising Campaign also includes a brochure with good quality photographs to hand to people when they inspect your home. A well-designed brochure with good quality photographs of the home and a well-written description doesn't have to cost the earth, and that’s what we’d produce for you.

We arrange a trusted photographer to take quality, descriptive photos of the property. Then we manage the complete production of the brochure.

If you choose to display a photo board at the front of the property to catch the attention of interested neighbours and passers-by, we manage its production and installation.

Advertising campaign approximate costs

Photography $120 -$290
Internet $970-$2,800
Brochure $130-$290
Board $290-$460
Production $250-$350
Total $1,760-$3,900

Negotiations and closing the deal
When an offer has been made, we bring our experience and expertise as real estate experts to the process. We conduct all negotiations with prospective purchasers to achieve a successful sale for you at the best possible price achievable.

Success - Guaranteed
When you opt-in to The Alphen Advantage your success is guaranteed. You’ll feel amazingly empowered by what you learn from our “Practical Real Estate Skills for Consumers” course.
And with all the expert advice and assistance we give you, your journey will be exciting and stress-free.

Give us a call today—and get the advantage!
Ring now on 8618 6869

Marketing Plan

Private sale - no auction.
Work with you to present the property at its best and to set the advertised price at an appropriate level to meet your goals.
Get quality photographs.
Write good informative advertising copy.
Place ads on the main Internet sites.
Erect a photo-board on the street front.
Arrange inspections by appointment or open for inspections, in keeping with your preference.
Treat interested buyers with care and respect.
Negotiate firmly but gently with prospective buyers to ensure they put forward the best offer they are able to.
Keep you fully informed and up to date every step of the way with our Alphen Advantage Online Console.

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