Duane Rock, New Farm, 4005

Duane Rock

Sales Consultant

SixtyFour Property, New Farm, 4005

SixtyFour Property

650 Brunswick Street, New Farm
Queensland 4005
Agency overview

Welcome to SixtyFour Property.
We’re the new name in real estate run by the Local faces you know and trust.
We’re 100% family owned and operated and our team is driven by achieving the best property outcome for you without the unnecessary costs and frills.
With strong values at our core, we will take a bold and creative approach to selling or Leasing your property and being prepared to zig when others zag.
When you want to make a bold move, think Sixty Four Property.

WHY 64?

The number 6 signifies home, family, love, balance, simplicity, service, gratitude and nurturing.
The number 4 signifies practicality, building a foundation, devotion, determination and inner wisdom.
The number 64 signifies new ideas and new ways of doing things,
It represents self-sufficiency, independence and pragmatism.
It is about doing things of mutual benefit for yourself and your family. New farm is part of our family.

This is the core of SixtyFour Property

Marketing Plan

We recommend a strategic marketing plan to ensure we attract the maximum number of buyers, and thus, the maximum sale price. A reasonable investment in marketing, within your budget, is critical to this process.

An exclusive personal database matching buyers with their property criteria. In addition, we have the extensive office database with details of other motivated buyers who might be interested in your property. We will ensure that all the buyers on these databases receive information on your property.

Office Location