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Agency overview

At Melbourne Real Estate, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service for both Landlords and Tenants alike. Our high standard of operating, which has afforded us the reputation we hold today (and the industry awards to go with it), has been upheld amidst the coronavirus pandemic. We have a clear strategy in place to navigate leasing and property management during the COVID-19 restrictions, and our rigorous processes and proactive attitude means our ability to effectively lease and manage properties has not been affected.

Over the past two years, our team has transitioned to a mobile workforce and this proactive move has allowed our staff to effectively work remotely, with no compromise to our service, communication and standard of excellence. All of our agents are equipped with laptops and a mobile phone, so they can be contacted directly by their clients.

We utilise an online booking system that allows prospective tenants to book inspections at a date and time that suits them. We understand that set inspection times aren’t going to suit everyone, which is why we have a dedicated team of 11 Leasing Consultants who are able to accommodate one-on-one appointments for all prospective tenants at their convenience. This enables as many tenants as possible to inspect your property, resulting in more applications submitted and the best chance of securing a quality tenant. This is been particularly beneficial during COVID-19, as group inspections have been restricted.

A lot of agencies are only just introducing video tours of their properties, but we’ve been doing these for years and have invested in high definition video technology, so there’s no need for us to go through a trial and error process perfecting these. By utilising video tours to demonstrate exactly what the property features, prospective tenants receive real unvarnished information.

Some additional factors that set Melbourne Real Estate as the industry leader:
• 11 Leasing Consultants form part of our dedicated Leasing Team, who are on the road to show potential tenants through your property Monday – Saturday; a potential of 21 inspections private inspections of your property per week; 150+ inspection times for tenants to choose from through our online booking system
• A 30 Day Leasing Plan that provides a strategic approach to pricing in the current market and knowing where to position your property for maximum return. This tried and tested strategy results in consistently lower vacancy rates than the industry standard. Find out more about our approach to leasing at https://youtu.be/RP3xdlF3J4I
• We take the approach of not the first tenant, but the best tenant. Our administration team don their detective hats to thoroughly reference check all tenancy applications, and our consistent single digit arrears level is testament to our tenant selection success
• True transparency of how well your property is being maintained, with video reporting on ingoing condition reports, routine inspections and exit inspections. We have nothing to hide so why not provide you the full picture?
• MRE Online, our online portal and smart phone app, allows you to view all financials, photos and documentation relating to your property at the touch of a button 24/7
• 4.8 star rating on Google with over 1000+ reviews. If you don’t trust our word for it, check out what some our current clients have to say: https://goo.gl/maps/SrSMLb2JS3n

As the old saying goes, we work smarter, not harder, and we want your investment property to be doing the same for you. Everyone likes to think they are “getting a deal” when it comes to property management, but the best investors focus on the result achieved and net outcomes. Where’s your focus: fees or results? If you’re results driven, then we’d love to work with you.

At Melbourne Real Estate, we are constantly alert to innovation, and we delight in subverting traditional industry practices that will achieve better results for our clients.

Renting Strategy
In a competitive rental market, it’s important that your property is marketed in the best possible manner in order to generate increased enquiries to inspect and ultimately a better choice of tenants. We put a lot of emphasis on the way our properties are advertised and presented, proving that great marketing gets great results.

Here are just a few of our strategies:
• A picture paints a thousand words, which is why all of our listings use quality professional photographs. Simply put, crisp clean images guarantee more clicks and enquiries on your property listing
• Our online advertising package places your property on the first few pages of realestate.com.au as a premier listing. With 60% of tenants not looking past the first 25 properties they see, we want to be ensure yours is one of the first they say
• Each property has its own video walk through on the online listing that answers 99% of the tenants queries and delivers certainty to what they are coming to inspect. With over 1.6 million views of our video tours, we know the market loves them.
• When prospective tenants enquire on a property listed with MRE, we capture their data and information detailing the type of property they’re after. We then use that data to match your property to the appropriate tenant, sending an email and a SMS with an invitation to check out your property
• Utilising our online booking system, tenants can register to inspect at a date and time that suits them, and our Leasing team service every enquiry we receive. This enables as many tenants as possible to inspect our properties, whilst allowing our Property Managers to concentrate on what they do best.
• Our Leasing Consultants are on the road and meeting with potential tenants at properties face to face (we don’t hand out keys for obvious security reasons). They’re there to offer on the spot advice about the property and area, as well as sending direct prompts to tenants on how to apply to your property via SMS and email, straight after the inspections complete
• Instantaneous and transparent feedback sent to you after each inspection, indicating the number of attendees and their feedback
• Our 30 Day Leasing Plan is, quite simply, a game changer. At its heart, the plan relies on a strategic pricing overview of the current market and knowing where to position your property for maximum return.
• Find out more about our approach to leasing at https://youtu.be/RP3xdlF3J4I

Want to know what else we've implemented over the years to ensure we're always getting the best results for our clients? Get in touch and we'll show you.

Marketing Plan

With the boom of property supply and tenants well aware that they've got plenty of choices, it's important that your property is marketed in the best possible manner in order to generate increased enquiries to inspect and ultimately a better choice of tenants. Tenants aren't wanting to look through over 15 or more properties (typically) so it's important your property makes their "short list"

Our approach is as follows:
1. Get professional photos – it’s a once off charge for you and your property ALWAYS advertises at its best

2. Our online advertising package ensures your property is always ranked in the earliest pages – not many people want to look through over 100 potential properties online

3. We allow tenants to book themselves into an inspection times that suits them! We’re not just holding a single inspection on Saturday that tenants have no choice but to attend that inspection

4. Our leasing consultants on the road are dealing with the potential tenants face to face – no handing out keys, on the spot advice of what are the benefits of the property and area, as well as direct prompts to tenants of how to apply for your property via SMS and email, straight away!

5. Walk through video of your property – most tenants are searching for properties out of business hours, which unfortunately we can’t answer any questions during that time. Through the video, the information provided helps make their decision of whether to “short-list” your property and ultimately book themselves into an inspection that suits them.

6. Every owner has a goal rental amount they want to achieve, it has been proven through our strategy. You won’t see many of our advertisements, it’s because we’re getting results for our landlords and tenants

7. Our Live Tenant Database – When tenants book in for an inspection on any property we capture their data and a bunch of other info that indicates what type of property that they are after. We then use that data to match your property to what they are looking for. We email and SMS any tenant that has inspected a property with the same number of bedrooms, within 5km and 10% of the rental of your new listing with an invitation to book in! They are all familiar with the booking process and it can lead to huge first inspection turnouts and achieve your goal result, a lot of the time exceeding your expectations.

I would love the opportunity to introduce you to our leasing & property management services. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions

If you haven’t already, please view our ’30 day leasing plan’ video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p4gG3WA1RM&feature=youtu.be

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