Elishah Lusi, Melbourne, 3000

Elishah Lusi


Direct Property Group, Melbourne, 3000

Direct Property Group

16177 Collins St West 8007, Melbourne
Victoria 3000
Agency overview

Direct Property Group is a specialist property consultancy that has a team boasting local and international property experience, this gives you an advantage when selling your property.

Working directly with the owner of the business which ensures you nothing but the best of service, Elishah has managed successful relationships with single property owners through to developers. This varied skill set allows her to deal with all different types of buyers and helps you to achieve a great outcome with the sale of your property.

Elishah knows that word of mouth is the best form of advertising and therefore works tirelessly to ensure that you are happy not just when you list the property for sale with her, but also after she sells your property so you to can recommend her to your family and friends.

Marketing Plan

Thank you for taking the time to view our agency profile and selecting us to provide you with a proposal to sell your property.

Direct Property Group provides a focused and property specific approach to securing a purchaser for your property. We understand that each property is unique and must be presented suitably to it’s target markets to support a buyers criteria in order to achieve the maximum result. This may include targeting property investors based on rental return and depreciation benefits or applying a different approach for live-in home owners looking for livability and local amenities information etc.

It is crucial that your property is well presented prior to photographs being taken as presentation is key to getting the right buyers through your doors. Our team will create an accurate and descriptive copy for websites and review the advertisement regularly to assess how it is performing. Direct Property Group advertises on all major websites.

Our main priorities are providing you with excellent communication throughout the sale campaign and working with multiple buyers to help you achieve the best result possible.


'Most people will easily make the effort to complain but rarely do people make the effort to compliment. As one of the landlords of Sturt St South Melbourne, I would like to write we appreciate the fact that our property manager has taken the initiative to re-evaluate the rental income of a property without the landlord having to instigate it.
In the past, years would go by before we (the landlord) would contact the agent to revisit our rental income. Then it appears we would get the token $10 increase without inspecting the property. However in this instance you have gone against past trends and recommended an increase within a shorter time frame and based the increase on rental market value.'

—Sam / Southbank

‘I have noted a significant lift in the service standard since you took over I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your hard efforts and commitment to client service.’

—Diego / St Kilda

‘your constant persistence with managing properties and following up promptly on all concerns and issues is a great asset and you never let us down and we always felt relieved we had you managing our apartment.’

—Kevin / Prahran
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