Erin Sexton, Point Cook, 3030

Erin Sexton


10 Ten Real Estate, Point Cook, 3030

10 Ten Real Estate

Suite 6, C2 Point Cook Town Centre, Point Cook, Victoria 3030
Agency Overview
The 10 Ten concept is based on three core values - Honesty, Integrity and Accountability.

We believe real estate clients deserve an attentive, competent and professional agent. We remain committed and attentive to each client. We guarantee both you and your property will get the attention you deserve. We provide first-class service and achieve premium results.

The best part of our business is when a client engages 10 Ten Real Estate, they get the full attention of the Directors. As a boutique agency, we can provide the highest level of attention to our clients.

We are experienced real estate professionals; but also have experience as vendors and purchasers; and, we have had both really good and really bad experiences with other real estate agents. That is important because many real estate agents lack experience as a vendor, purchaser, landlord and tenant and it is difficult to empathise with people when you don’t really understand that emotional rollercoaster that can come with selling property. That experience has allowed us to develop an agency built on providing an excellent customer experience.

We understand that selling your home can be one of the most stressful and nervous times in your life. We also understand the uncertainty around a sale can be frustrating and that you are entrusting us to achieve the best possible result for you. We want to and, can help you.

We will represent your property and you, in the best and most effective way possible.
Marketing Plan
We are a low volume agency which gives you, our client, a lot more control; things like picking the most appropriate open for inspection time for you (not the agent); scalable advertising options to suit all types of budgets; both Dan and I being available to speak with you after every inquiry about your property and completely explain the feedback you are getting; a complete explanation of the pros and cons of each type of sales process and our ability to go further than just that ‘extra mile’ in order to ensure purchasers are making offers.

Dan is a professional negotiator and market analyst who has over 10 years’ experience working as an Intelligence Analyst in both the Government and Private Sectors. As a Military Intelligence Officer and has gained a comprehensive understanding of professional negotiation; human behaviour and information analysis. Those skills make Dan highly successful at achieving the best possible price for a property.

Erin Sexton is a highly competent and skillful real estate agent and real estate marketing professional who will ensure that your property is appropriately marketed to the right target audience, at the right time and at the highest possible price. Above all, Erin will ensure that you are comfortable and fully understand what is occurring at each and every step of the process.
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