Frank Callaghan, Port Melbourne, 3207

Frank Callaghan


Frank Gordon, Port Melbourne, 3207

Frank Gordon

232 Bay St, Port Melbourne
Victoria 3207
Agency overview

Frank Gordon & Company is a different kind of agency. Family run and independently operated for over 50 years; we pride ourselves on the personalised service we provide to our customers. Our dedicated team can add value to the sale of your property with superior negotiation and a thorough understanding of the local market and its buyers. We are one of a few agents with the expertise to manage an EOI with confidence and experience as well as online auctions, private sales and off market sales. You can trust you are in safe hands.

Marketing Plan

There are three key elements to successfully selling your home and how Frank Gordon Agents make a difference to your price

1. Proactive in attracting the right kind of buyers with our database. When you list with Frank Gordon & Co, we contact motivated buyers and under-bidders for premium, period properties. No agent handled more house sales in 2019 in Port Melbourne than Frank Callaghan, meaning we are “in touch” with the market.

2. Motivating buyers to believe your property is right for them – When it comes to selling a property we have the skills to create want and desire. Frank Callaghan will personally manage the sale. He is a natural storyteller and can help to weave in the charm of your property towards a more premium result.

3. Negotiating– Finding buyers is just the first step in real estate. A sales transaction has literally dozens of potential variables, so you need an agent experience in E O I, auctions, private sale and off market PLUS marketing acumen. In 2019, Frank handled over thirty million dollars in sales in local residential sales.

We also recommend a marketing campaign to appeal to several pools of buyers. We start off market, with local buyer enquiry engaging with our database outreach followed by online advertising national and international and e-marketing. We follow this with a social media advertising appealing to buyers looking at property. Our online social media platform targets buyers that have searched property online, targeted via a radius search of Port Melbourne – the ads are served across mediums including Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms such a Gumtree,, and

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