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First National Hunters Hill, Gladesville & Ryde

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Agency overview

Boasting the combined efforts of 3 strong local teams, the highly regarded & successful teams at First National are the real estate specialists constantly producing quality, record & premium results.

Capturing a broader buyer & seller market, whether you are buying, selling or renting you will always be treated as our top priority by our friendly, professional & successful team

Marketing Plan

We at First National Hunters Hill, Gladesville and Ryde believe the correct strategy and procedures need to be in place to achieve an outstanding result when selling property.

The process we use to obtain a PREMIUM PRICE for your property is as follows:


The property needs to be looking the best it possibly can before we have prospective purchasers going through the property. This may require doing simple repairs, painting, gardening, de-cluttering etc. Once this is done we need to have professional photography taken, showing off the best features of the property. It needs to stand out when people are searching for a home. We need to try and create the “WOW” factor before people even come to see the property.

With todays busy lifestyle, buyers will look to eliminate rather than include when they are searching for property. If the photos don’t look attractive, there is no floor plan, price guide, and ease of inspecting the property they will often just move on to the next property. If we are not properly prepared we could easily miss out on the best buyer for your home.


During this phase of the process, we promote the property as an “UP COMING SALE". This will go out to the data base of buyers we have dealt with in the past and registered. It will also be promoted on the internet through all of the web portals such as:,,,,,,,

The purpose of doing this is to get a gauge what prospective buyers may be prepared to pay for the property. When we communicate with them we let them know that the property is not yet officially on the market for another week or so, and that we haven’t finalised a price as yet. We invite them to a “PREVIEW” to inspect the property and give us their opinion as to what they may pay.

Note: If someone comes through at this stage and offers an extremely good price for the property, there is no reason that we couldn’t sell at this point.


We all know we can’t sell a secret. We have to promote the property to attract as many people to it as possible. The more interest we have, the more potential we have in achieving a higher price for the property. If we can generate enough interest and have buyers competing for the property, this is the ultimate outcome.

Marketing is not just about advertising, it is about transference of feelings. It’s about getting people emotionally involved with the property before they even come to view it. Having them picture themselves living there. It’s about showing there friends and family pictures, and telling them about the property. In short, marketing is about psychology.

There are various forms of media advertising that can be done for the property. I would be happy to go through them when we meet.


Every buyer that enquires about the property from our marketing and promotion and/or views the property is logged against your property. We keep in constant contact with these people to ascertain whether they may be a potential buyer for your property and to gain the necessary feedback to enable us to establish what the market may pay for the property. We will encourage people to come back and have another look at the property to see if we can cement any interest (often people will view a property differently on a second inspection which may spark a new interest in the property that may have not previously been there).

We look for buyer signals on the property such as;

1. Making an offer.
2. Further inspections.
3. Asking for a contract.
4. Asking for a change of deposit to be paid.
5. Wanting alternative settlement dates.
6. Pest & Building reports done on the property.
7. Bring through a friend or relative for a second opinion.


Once a buyer is found for the property, you will need a strong negotiator to get you the best possible price. Anyone can sell a property but we believe this is where we can add value to the property as professional negotiators. Ask any other agent you interview to show you how they negotiate and then put us to the test. We would be more than happy to show you how we will go about getting you the best possible result for your property.


Through out the whole process of selling, we will keep you fully informed, by way of phone, email, sms, and of course in writing as to what the market place is saying about your property after every inspection. We will keep you informed with the level of interest, price indications, any concerns, and offers that come through.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to submit our proposal and I look forward to representing you in the sale of your property. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any stage.

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