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McCarthy Estate Agents - Rozelle

695 Darling Street, Rozelle
New South Wales 2039
Agency overview

Hello Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal.

What we do

We aim to make life easier for Vendors to sell their property while achieving great results.

Gerard McCarthy is the principal of McCarthy estate agents have been selling real estate in the Inner West since 1999.

At McCarthy estate agents we aim to make the process of selling as simple, stress-free and as easy possible. We ensure…

The properties we sell are easy to find thanks to our advertising, signage and convenient inspection times.

Gerard McCarthy will personally handle your sale.

While we offer a personal service our strategy for selling allows us a local, national and international reach.

We specialise in all aspects of residential home sales.

People choose us to sell their homes for many reasons but I believe there are 5 mains points that seem to be continually mentioned.

Our experience

How we find and treat buyers

Our negotiation skills

Our communication skills – how we work with you as the seller

We are trusted and genuinely liked by our clients and it is why we come Highly Recommended by our client’s year in year out.

Don’t take my word for it please take the time to look at our references.

Marketing Plan

The Selling Plan

• There are three stages to selling your home in order to achieve the best possible price.
Each stage is broken down into a number of stepping blocks and put together we leave no stone unturned. It is our road map or business plan for our relationship while we are working together.

Step 1 behind the scenes, the preparation of your property is the doorway to achieving a great price. Attention to detail and a strategic approach are required to position you ahead of the competition.

1. First we decide with you the method of sale Auction or Private Treaty.

2. Photography deciding with you what are the best photos to showcase your home. We have a professional photographer with outstanding credentials. These will become the backbone of our marketing campaign.

3. Creative development: our copy writer will visit your property and write an introduction to your home including a description of the accommodation and features; we prepare your colour advertising – all advertising will be approved by you before it goes, to the market.

4. Buyer database: our pre-marketing campaign often pays dividends; we will now begin to locate buyers from our internal database. We will contact them and let them know we have something suitable coming up. Buyers like being treated special and are easier to negotiate with when there is mutual respect. If they are not already on our database we also want to ensure we have the best buyers from the other agents in the area to be aware that your home is coming on the market. Why? We know from research that many people that sell in the area and surrounds, stay local, as many as 60% – we do know they are moving so we invite them to view your property also.

5. Coming soon is an initial campaign which begins to create oomph around your property, this can even prevent some buyers from purchasing something else once they know there is something better coming up. This also creates excitement about your home.

6. The Contract of sale: your solicitor will be delivering us your contract by now. We are ready?

Step 2 on the market: Continuing to build on the ‘coming soon’ campaign the following will ensure we attract the best purchasers early. Our proven marketing strategy will give your home the exposure it deserves.

7. Signboard If allowed will be erected; we now release the property for public marketing.

8. Distribution marketing: brochures are ready and all advertising is will now hit the market.

9. Internet: Your property is uploaded to the internet and will reach expats across the globe, even in the remotest of places.

10. Appointments: Out of the activity so far we will have generated a number of appointments. These initial appointments will be for qualified buyers who have been searching for a home for some time, we know their budget and requirements.

11. Media-press: Editorial is prepared and sent on your behalf to different newspapers.

12. Interest/price guide The buyers we show through at these early appointments will give us feedback, this you can use in determining the price at which you would like to have the home ‘advertised’ your home may even get sold at this point.

Step 3 results & decisions
13. The first open home: Now that the property has been advertised we are in a position to open it for inspection. We will discuss what time of day best suits you and your home.

14. New interest: this is an exciting time, as we follow up from the open home to determine who the interested parties are.

15. Offers it may take us two or three phone calls to an interested buyer before they make an offer.

16. Negotiation: The agent and the agency you select have a direct bearing on the price you will receive. If they don’t know how to negotiate, you may not receive the price your home is worth. Because negotiation is so important in getting a great price, it is fundamental we discuss our approach. I spend many hours practicing, revising and ensuring I have the skills to complete negotiations and to ensure I achieve the maximum price for your property.

Recovery rate this is the difference between the first offer and the final offer that the property sells for. Many agents will take the first offer to the owner without trying to get a better offer at the beginning – silence implies consent and makes it more difficult to get a better price from a buyer later in the negotiation. My recovery rate is currently around 7.6%.

17. Your choice: Once we’ve negotiated the best price with all buyers, you choose whether to accept or decline the offer.

18. Confirmation: With the approval of the price that we have reached together, you and the purchaser would sign the contracts and confirm the sale.

19. Sold: the property is sold and you can move on with your plans.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Yours sincerely

Gerard McCarthy

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