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Gizzelle Powell

Licensed Estate Agent

Remax Lifestyle Marketing, Penrith, 2750

Remax Lifestyle Marketing

233 High Street, Penrith
New South Wales 2750
Agency overview

RE/MAX Lifestyle Marketing in Penrith is a franchised office operating within the global network under the RE/MAX banner. Through our real estate office you have access to 100 plus countries and nearly 1000 offices. More importantly from my perspective you have access to a team of committed individuals but working very much as a team to Market and locate property for you anywhere across the  Sydney Metro. We implement a 10 Point Marketing Plan when selling your property.


1. Market 24 hours A Day with a high visibility “For Sale” sign with our own direct mobile phone number answered 7 days per week. Because we know your home, we immediately use the opportunity to sell your home’s great features. We will promote and market your home so buyers are speaking directly to us when they call and not a message bank. Along with email on demand if the customer requires an immediate brochure and information on your home.

2. Excite Buyers About Your Home. We emphasise the benefits of your home and community. Each brochure includes the kind of detailed, specific information buyers want and need. Not just a picture and 6 bullet points about how many bedrooms and bathrooms. We use the back of the brochure for more information to make the buyers want to see it NOW”!

3. Aggressive Marketing For Your Home. Rather than just waiting for the phone to ring, we reach buyers with prospecting methods that can include the following activities… Letterbox dropping the immediate area, target mailings, calls, emails to top producers and our buyers as well as general open houses as necessary, marketing on the internet, social media and advertising as discussed with you.

4. Superior Photography, Superior Copywriting, Awesome Brochures! We pride ourselves in providing some of the most impressive photography and copywriting skills in the Australian real estate industry. We believe people eat with their eyes prior to reading the text. Photos have got to be 100% and plenty of them. Copy writing and brochures are first class …often taking hours of time until perfect.

5. Determine The Right Price To Make Your Home A “Hot Property”. This is the most critical step. We’ll review market demand, nearby competition, recent sales and many other variables than can affect your home’s value. You will get a detailed look at what’s going on in your local home sales market and our input on the best pricing strategy to get you the most money in the shortest possible time. You need an expert in the real estate market. You need the kind of experienced reliable professional service we can offer along with the team in our office.

6. Make Simple, Low Cost Changes To Increase The Saleability Of Your Home. Rely on us to be direct when advising you on what should be done prior to putting your home on the market. We will let you know how your home looks from a buyer’s point of view, and what cost effective repairs will make your home “show ready” by staging it properly!

7. Negotiate Only With Qualified Buyers. We interview buyers to be sure they are ready, willing and able purchasers so you don’t wind up wasting time and money. Buyers need answers to countless technical questions financing, payment, insurance, title clearance, and how to improve or repair the home to suit their needs.

8. Excite Other Real Estate Agents About Your Home. We know which agents in our office have clients who will be interested in your home. We also conjunct with agencies in the area so that we are also promoting your home to other agents who may have a buyer. We will give your home the widest market exposure possible.

9. Protect You By Documenting All Calls, Letters And Visits. We are organised and computerised, which means we can anticipate and handle all the details needing special care to successfully sell your home. Our careful record keeping means a smooth transaction with as much legal protection as possible for you.

10. Let You Know Exactly What’s Going On With Buyer Showings. We keep you up to date by phone calls and written feedback from the buyers. We follow up on all inspections with our feedback form and phone calls so you know what agents and buyers are thinking about your home and represent you at the presentation of all offers. Most importantly, we negotiate on your behalf to get you the highest best possible price, not try to make you take the first offer that comes to the table. Upon acceptance, we will coordinate with the buyers, inspectors, lenders, appraisers, solicitors and of course handle any complications that can occur at times throughout the process so that you get the most important thing of all …your settlement cheque on time!

Marketing Plan


The role of marketing is to tantalise and get the buyers wanting to find out more. There are a number of options to consider when looking at the ways to advertise your property. We will look at each option in relation to the sale of your property and work with you to help you decide what is the best way to market your property using a “mix of advertising” from the options outlined below.

The major internet site for real estate is There are a number of other sites eg Domain, RE/MAX , etc but is the main one and you need to have your property listed on this site. All our listings are put on, RE/MAX(more than 100 offices worldwide) and Domain sites plus extra 10 more websites like, etc . There are also a number of ways to highlight your property on these sites to make your property listing more visible.

“A picture speaks louder than a 1,000 words” …
We have always believed this and always recommend you consider professional photography. As the main source of enquiry for properties is now through the internet, your property and photos will be shown there. The photos and presentation of a property can make a real difference as to whether you get the best price for your property and how long it takes to sell the property.

A floor plan of your property can be drawn and it can be shown on the internet and on the back of the Property Brochure. A floor plan makes it easier for a buyer to work out how their furniture and their requirements fit with your property. Floor plans are very useful if you have an unusual layout or your property is large and has a lot of rooms.

An email is sent to all buyers on our database who are qualified buyers looking for a property like yours in the area to advise them of your property sale and inspection times.

A brochure with photos and a description of the property is given to buyers when they inspect. This helps the buyers recall the property especially if they are viewing a number of properties on one day. A floor plan of your property can also be included on the back of this brochure.

“For Sale” SIGN:
A “For Sale” sign with your agent’s name and direct phone contact details or a photo sign will be erected at your property. The sign is outside your property advertising it 24 hours a day!

Flyers advertising your property are dropped in letterboxes in the surrounding area, encouraging local buyers to purchase in the area they know or recommend to a friend or family member.

All properties listed will be displayed in our sales window with photos of the property and a description. Even though each property is displayed, the practice of people looking at sales windows to find out what is on the market has been superseded by looking on the internet.

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