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Cream Property Pty Ltd

PO Box 5460 , Alexandra Hills
Queensland 4161
Agency overview

Cream Property Pty Ltd was founded in 2014 by Dimity Kennedy and Glen Stevens, long term industry professionals in the Redlands City and South East Brisbane regions.

Our goal is, that you as a client, will receive a level of service which is beyond what you would have thought possible from a real estate agent.

That’s why we tell new clients to expect better than they thought possible.

Expect better service then you will get elsewhere.
Expect a better price than with another agent.
Expect better communication for you and potential purchasers.
Expect more out of the box marketing ideas to sell your home.
Expect better after sales service.
Lastly, we don’t mind if you tell us that there is something you need that we may not have thought of.

While your selling with Cream Property we will be your best real estate friend who is always there to answer questions 7 days a week and who can provide advice on a broad range of topics from preparing your house for sale, finding your next property or what you need to do to get the best possible price.

We appreciate that choosing a real estate agent to sell your home can be difficult, I mean everyone claims to be the best or the best. The point that makes us significantly different from other providers is that we can customise your experience because we aren’t governed by large real estate corporate franchises. So, if you are going to pay around the same amount why would you have a fast food burger when you could enjoy a fine dining experience.

As an example of our “Expect better after sales service” we offer a break to our clients after the rigours of their sale because even with the best help there is a lot to do when you sell your home. Amongst your normal day to day activities you will;

• get your home ready for sale

• keep it ready while on the market

• make decisions and negotiate on contracts

• wait for conditions and settlement

• maybe even buy another home at the same time

While we endeavour to make this process as stress-less as possible there is a lot to get through. That's why, as our way of saying thank you, if you sell with Cream Property we'll cover the cost of sending you away to relax when your sale is over. Currently, that's an exclusive package we have created for 2 days at Santai Retreat in Kingscliff. You can find out more about Santai Retreat on their website

Cream Property would like to wish you the best in selling your home and should you decide to move forward we would like the opportunity to sit with you and explain why you can expect better when you sell with us.

Marketing Plan

The Short Version

In summary, the following are the marketing options which we provide, for a longer description of our thoughts on marketing and strategy please scroll to The Long Version.

Cream Property provides the following marketing options;

• Before sale advise to maximise your sale price
• Detailed marketing strategy analysis of your property
• 30 minute GUARENTEED response time to buyer enquiry
• Advertising on all portals including our own site and all second-tier providers.
• Marketing on major overseas portals. (China for example)
• State of the art social media marketing (new to Australia)
• Google remarketing
• Professional photography and video
• Signage on your property
• Database marketing
• Contract management
• After sales care

The Long Version

We expect that what you read in this section will be different to what you see in other profiles.

In the following we will expose a few truths about how you can save money when marketing your property and where your dollar is best spent.

When considering which marketing campaign would be best for your property is it important to first start with the goals your agent should be trying to achieve. In real estate marketing this really comes down to two things.

1. Attracting the right type of buyers for the specific property.

2. Creating competition and urgency between potential purchasers.

When you consider the above two points it is easy to see why the one size fits all approach by mainstream agencies is not likely to deliver the best result. Our advice is, when interviewing agents, if you are presented with “the standard marketing package” by an agent you should probably move onto the next interview.
There is also a long standing practice of flashy marketing of properties which, in a lot of cases, does nothing substantial to the overall success of a marketing campaign. Of concern is that owners are often convinced by agents to spend thousands on marketing which is plainly ineffective by its positioning or timeframe to a properties campaign. For example, if the average days on market for a particular property type is 14-21 days and a magazine has a lead time of up to a month for printing and distribution you can see, that while beautiful, the house will be sold before that magazine marketing has any effect. It will help the agent promote themselves though but you shouldn’t be paying for that.

While it seems that it is straightforward good real estate marketing is a science.

Buyer Identification

At Cream Property after meeting with you we perform a Who What Why analysis to work out who is likely to purchase a property like yours and more importantly who is likely to pay the most for your property. Part of that process would be to ask you as the current owner what attracted you to the property and what you think its and the surrounding areas strongest features are. After identifying potential groups, we create professional marketing copy for the top two or three groups that where identified. Throughout your marketing campaign we will switch between these different marketing angles until we find the one which performs the best, this also allows us to effectively change the way a property is presented and engage buyers we may have missed on the first or second pass.

Online Portals Marketing

Generally speaking, all agencies and agents put properties onto the same group of online marketing portals for advertising, along with in most cases, the agency website.

What you need to be considering however is the quality of the advertising that is being done in each case. In Brisbane we have a large, dominant player in this space, so the quality of the advertising on that portal itself becomes VERY important as that is where the competition for marketing space between properties will mainly occur.

So what does that mean for you when choosing an agent?

It means that if an agent offers you free advertising they will logically use the cheapest option and use a standard listing on, which is the least effective marketing level and when compared to the top tier premiere listing performs very poorly. Statistically a Premiere listing will be viewed 20 times more often and receive 9 times the enquiry. If we go back to our goals this helps with both of these, attracting the right buyers and creating greater competition between buyers. So, consider your marketing options carefully. If you want more explanation of the different listing types on if can be found at

Return On Investment

When a marketing plan is created for your property it is done after careful consideration of what is likely to perform the best in your circumstance and any budgetary constraints there may be. Once running we constantly analyse our marketing campaigns for performance against established benchmarks so we can ensure money is not being wasted.

Response Time Matters

Statistically the average industry response time is around 15 hours with a good size chunk of enquiry going unanswered, which is appalling. Our in-house business systems respond with information customized to the queries of the buyer by email within 10-20 minutes and, if we have a phone number for the buyer, we contact them within an hour of the initial enquiry. If we can’t reach the buyer we will make another 4 attempts at various times of the day, if that is unsuccessful we will follow up with a final email. By doing this we ensure that we have communicated properly with everyone who enquiries on your property.

Social Media Marketing

For many people, their day starts and ends with checking on their facebook account and this is not even mentioning the many times they check their feed every day. The theory behind using social media to market properties is that we take our property advertising to people where they are online rather than expecting them to go to where your property advertising information is, like

Amongst agents however this is a very misunderstood area of marketing. They have been hearing from trainers that they should use social media marketing but the reality is, those trainers, in most cases don’t know how to market property on social media either so it is the blind leading the blinder. So they suggest things like posting your property in their feed or blindly boosting a post.

A reality check though, while you can generate views on facebook by boosting a post there is a good chance that those views will be from people who are just cruising their feed and probably aren’t looking to purchase. When buyers are engaged in looking they will be on a real estate advertising portal.

So you might ask is there any value?

Yes if done correctly. Recognising the wastage that was occurring for unqualified views of property advertising we went in search of a better solution. That solution came in the form of an integrated facebook application and advertising partner who is directly linked with facebook, they even have staff in their headquarters. What this allows us to do is demographically target at a level which is far beyond what is available to a regular user. From a real estate marketing perspective, it means we can place your property under the noses of facebook users who have commented with a relevant buying type keyword in their feed. Alternatively, we can use the enhanced demographic targeting of our advertising partner to show it to those who it would be perfect for but aren’t currently engaged in buying to tempt them to consider looking. As you can see this is a far more sophisticated and targeted method of social media marketing and consequently more cost effective.

Open Houses

The owner of a property has the say on whether we perform open houses of not. In this region however, it is a well-established practice and buyers are used to attending. To ensure your security we ask all entrants to fill out an open house security form, if they refuse, we refuse entry. If you wish we can step up this process to include checking of a photo ID.

Google Remarketing

It is often difficult to explain exactly what google remarketing is, for most it is a black science that geeks perform. The best way to explain it is to imagine you were looking for a new pair of high heels but don’t buy any, the next day you might find them suddenly appear in your facebook feed or on the websites you surf too. Congratulations you are being remarketed too for high heels and the seller of the heels knowing that you didn’t purchase the item might place a $10 off special in the remarketing advertising to tempt you to purchase them.

In a real estate marketing context, we track certain triggers online for people who interact with your property. From there we might remind them from time to time that your property is still available, if we were performing an Auction campaign we could remind them about the upcoming Auction date or if you have a price change we can remarket that to all those people who have interacted with your property before.

Last Note

The discussion above is in no way exhaustive regarding the ways in which we will market your property but is meant to show you that we don’t just stick your property on the internet. We are professionals in our field, we track marketing performance so we can make it cost effective and have taken the time to learn everything we can about marketing of real estate so we can achieve the best result for your clients.

We look forward to discussing your particular needs further.

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